Signing Ceremony of Academic Cooperation between CLP and City University of Hong Kong

CLP Collaborates with CityU to Groom Future Talent

CLP contributes to local education by sharing professional knowledge and training future experts for the energy science and engineering segment. Recently, CLP supported the School of Energy and Environment at City University of Hong Kong (CityU)by offering industry knowledge sharing class and on-the-job training to equip students an understanding of both the theoretical and practical knowledge related to energy management, retro-commissioning, energy audit service, solar assessment, and more.

CLP’s experts and engineers are invited to share their experiences and act as mentors, giving guidance on performing on-site energy audits for business customers. Students will practise what they have learnt, while gaining knowledge outside the classroom. The programme began in September 2018 and are scheduled to end by April 2019. Once completed, a group of well-equipped students will bring new momentum to the local energy industry.

To acknowledge this meaningful partnership, CLP and CityU held a collaborative agreement-signing ceremony on 12 November 2018, with Ms Lena Low, Senior Director – Customer & Business Development, and Dr Anthony Lo, Acting Director – Corporate Customer Experience, as representatives.

“By supporting CityU’s courses, CLP helps develop talented individuals for the energy segment. These practices provide a learning opportunity for university students, so they can help contribute to a sustainable, environmentally friendly Hong Kong,” said Lena.


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