Voltage dips and harmonics are two major issues affecting power quality. To share our knowledge with customers, CLP has established a Power Quality Workshop to illustrate the causes and impact of power quality issues, as well as demonstrating practical measures that customers may adopt to mitigate power quality problems.

Greeting Theatre

  • Equipped with a 150° projection screen, the Greeting Theatre can house 20 visitors at a time
  • Visitors can enjoy a video introducing CLP's key milestones and its commitment to supporting the growth of Hong Kong

Power System Model

  • This interactive model provides an overview of the power supply system, which highlights CLP's commitment to ensuring a safe, reliable and quality power supply.

Fault Clearance

  • This exhibit shows the major sources of power disturbances and how a fault is cleared within the power system
  • Visitors can get a more in-depth understanding of the protection system by participating in an onsite game

Mitigation Solutions for Voltage Dips

  • A printing production line demonstrates how production can be affected by voltage dips
  • Various cost-effective solutions are also introduced that can raise the ride-through capability of equipment, so as to minimise the impact if a voltage dip occurs

Harmonics Suppression

  • It introduces the beneficial function of a harmonic filter in mitigating the impact of harmonic distortions.


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