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Your Trusted Energy Partner

Incorporated in Hong Kong in 1985, CLP Engineering Limited (CLPE) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings Limited with extensive experience in providing total energy solution. The company undertakes a variety of engineering works including:

  • Energy Service
  • Facility Management
  • Power Engineering
  • Smart Infrastructure

CLPE has a strong team of professional engineers and specialists to provide a wide range of engineering services with the highest safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) standards. With the accreditations of ISO9001/14001 and OHSAS18001 Management System, our project operation meets customers’ requirements and exceeds expectations.

CLPE is committed to helping you choose the most suitable solar installation solution, by leveraging our experience in renewable energy technology.

Contact Us now at clpe@clp.com.hk or 26787900. Please click here for more information.

Plan ahead for Power Supply

Property developers:

  • Set a timeline as soon as possible, and contact CLP or your customer service manager
  • If your development is in phases, please share your overall plans with CLP. This can save time and costs by eliminating works such as excavation during later phases
  • Provide detailed data about the project, especially about the main installations
  • Describe what the project will be used for. Common categories include ‘restaurant’, ‘data centre’, ‘commercial’, ‘residential’ and ‘warehouse’*
  • Seek advice from CLP or your customer service manager on the estimated electricity requirements
  • Reserve enough space for the transformer room. Please contact your customer service manager if you have queries about electrical specifications

Obtaining power through the grid:

  • Check the power supply situation with the owners before signing a lease
  • Ask the owners if the power supply can be increased if needed
  • Decide on present and future power requirements before you sign the lease. This may save time and costs by eliminating the need for additional equipment in the future
  • Secure the commitment of the owners with respect to your current and future power needs. Without this commitment, you may not be able to install vital equipment or may have to spend more if you should need more power in future
  • Reconfirm the power supply situation with your customer service manager

While we will make every effort to match your schedule, plan ahead when it comes to electricity requirements; this will save you a great deal in the long run.

*Guidance note on application for electricity supply to Low-rise industrial building e.g. warehouse

*To receive more information from "One Stop Center Warehouse Construction Permits" managed by the Efficiency Unit of Hong Kong, on warehouse licensing procedures, please visit the Hong Kong government website.

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