Lighting is essential in our daily and working lives. Many sizable companies and SMEs have switched to energy-efficient lighting as it is more durable, costs less and more friendly to the environment.

T5 Fluorescent Tubes

  • Commonly used as energy-efficient lamp for general lighting
  • Slenderer in shape and more energy-efficient, it is now becoming more popular. Consuming 20% less power when compared with T8 fluorescent tube


  • Low power consumption, very long life (50,000 hours or more), maintenance free and safe operation
  • Used to be applied in Effect Lighting and flat fittings. Now is also found using as substitute for general lighting  

Induction Lamp (or commonly known as Electrodeless Lamp)

  • High frequency (HF) light sources which follow the same basic principles of converting electrical power into visible radiation as conventional fluorescent lamps. Compared with conventional fluorescent lamps, induction lamp operates without electrodes which enhance the lamp life
  • Induction lighting is based on the principles of induction and light generation via a gas discharge
  • Based on a case study carried out by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, the energy reduction due to induction lamps can be up to 24% compared with high intensity discharge (HID) lamps

Plasma Lighting

  • Plasma lighting is generated by radio frequency (RF) energy and provide high density light source in an energy saving and low maintenance package which is suitable for large scale high lumen application, such as stadium, street area, etc
  • This offers bright, full-spectrum illumination which is close to sun’s spectrum, therefore, it can be used for grow light application 


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