Many businesses rely on water heating and boiler systems for daily operations. These systems account for a large share of business’ total energy consumption. As a result, many businesses are eager to seek energy-efficient system for producing hot water and steam. CLP provides tailor-made solutions for different industries that can achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Electric Heat Pump

Fuel Fired Boiler

Energy Efficiency

  • Higher energy efficiency, 1 unit of electricity can generate approximately 3 units of heat energy and 2 units of cooling energy
  • Waste heat can be recovered
  • Lower energy efficiency, 1 unit of fuel can generate less than 60% of heat energy to water
  • 40% waste heat is lost to the surrounding and cannot be recovered

Energy Costs

  • Energy cost saving can be 60% or higher, compared with a fuel fired boiler
  • Relatively higher fuel costs

Maintenance Costs

  • Reliable and require less maintenance
  • Require more maintenance

Electric Heat Pump System (with Water Storage)

  • Stable water temperatures
  • Constant supply of hot water
  • Stable thermal controls
  • Centralised design allows multiple outlets

Electronic Control Instant Water Heaters

  • Electronic control system ensures stable water temperature
  • Fully automated operations save energy and are environmentally friendly
  • Safe, quiet operations
  • Concealed water pipe designed for environmental requirements

Electric Storage Water Heaters

  • High-density insulation keeps water hot and saves energy
  • Adjustable thermostat maintains water temperature stable

Electric Steam Boiler

  • Energy efficiency up to 99%, 15% higher than other boiler powered by fossil fuels
  • Equipment footprint is about 1/3 to 1/2 compared with fossil fuels boiler
  • Flexible system designs and easy configuration for simple maintenance
  • Safe, clean and quiet as no chimneys or air-blower required


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