Eco-friendly Fish Farm

A Customised Energy Efficiency Solution for Greater Sustainability Performance

The operator of the SAR's first large-scale indoor fish farm, Aquaculture Technologies Asia Limited (ATAL) saw the need to stay competitive by maintaining an energy-efficient, cost-effective operation that can support environmental sustainability.

After searching high and low, ATAL finally adopted a comprehensive energy saving solution covering all aspects of its operation. Central to the solution, a variable speed drive (VSD) was installed to regulate the speed of water pumps and air blowers, which together consume up to 70% of the fish farm's overall electricity consumption. The feature of VSD has enabled ATAL to adjust the running speed of these energy intensive devices according to the needs of the fish population thus significantly reduces its overall energy consumption.

As part of the GREENPLUS eco-solution, a heat pump system for maintaining water temperature and a partially solar powered T5 fluorescent lighting system were also installed. Total cost and environmental benefits are obvious:

  • Save energy costs by 20%
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 75 tonnes per year

It also creates an environment akin to the natural habitat of groupers, helping to produce healthy fish with a lower mortality rate. All these benefits have come at a manageable capital investment cost with a payback period of less than two years.

Tai On Chicken

Breathing New Life into a Traditional Industry

It has been more than half a century since the Heung family opened its first chicken farm in Hong Kong. Now, with the second generation taking over the helm of Tai On Chicken, the company has found new ways to enhance its operations while helping to protect the environment.

"Since we need year-round room temperature control and 24-hour lighting, energy expenses alone used to take up nearly 13% of the total cost of raising a chicken. After joining CLP's GREENPLUS Programme, we were advised of the most effective means to reduce costs thus making our business more competitive," Mr. Heung Yam Chun explained.

CLP offered a variety of cost effective and eco friendly recommendations, including replacing the diesel boiler with a heat pump system and changing all inefficient incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps.

Mr. Heung was delighted with the outcome. "Our chicken farm in Fanling has reduced its energy expenses by 30%," he said. "This means we can save HK$100,000 and 60 tonnes of carbon emissions every year! With an investment payback period of just two years, I am confident this will secure our competitiveness and ensure our future growth in the market."

Hydroponic Farm

Puts the Renewable Concept into Practice

The 30,000 square feet hydroponic farm is located at River Beas in Sheung Shui. With the assistance of CLP GREENPLUS program in achieving energy saving, the farm puts the renewable energy application into practice.

To cater the energy consumption of the hydroponic farm, CLP account manager arranged site visits to assess the feasibility of renewable energy application. Two types of solar panels with a self-designed GREENPLUS console were recommended to install. The console also indicates and compares the figures of electricity generation from two different types of solar panels while arousing public awareness and understanding in renewable energy.

Applications of Renewable Energy: A Real-Life Case

Considering the geographical environment of the hydroponic farm, CLP recommended the installation of 3 sets Concentrated Photovoltaic (PV) panels and 8 sets Flexible Thin Film Photovoltaic (PV) panels to supply partial energy to the farm.

Sun-tracking Concentrated Photovoltaic panels concentrate the sunlight onto a smaller area of semiconductor PV cell with 25% efficiency which is higher than the normal PV panels. During direct sunlight with sun-tracking device, the panels show good performance despite the installation depends on geographic environment and requires spacious area.

As for the Flexible Thin Film Photovoltaic panels, the compact size is easy for installation and more flexible for placement. Its efficiency is only 10% which is much lower than Concentrated Photovoltaic panels but it performs comparatively well even under diffused sunlight.


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