Hong Kong Pacific Centre

Sustain Green Management - Hong Kong Pacific Centre by Sino Estates Management Limited

Hong Kong Pacific Centre (HKPC), under the management of Sino Estates Management Limited (SEML) has been collaborating with CLP on Energy Audit service since 2010. With its outstanding green management performance, HKPC received the merit award in the CLP GREENPLUS Recognition Award 2013. Recently, HKPC has set an annual energy saving target of over 10 % through implementation of various green initiatives.

To further enhance their energy efficiency, HKPC has reviewed the energy audit report and taken advice from CLP. The T8 light tubes on each floor of exit staircase areas have been replaced gradually by the LED lighting system and motion sensors. As a commercial building with a variety of businesses operating at different hours, lighting system timers are installed on each floor to cater for different business needs of the tenants. Moreover, HKPC is adopting the LED lighting in all public areas and an annual energy saving of over 70% for lighting is expected.

Regarding the air-conditioning system, HKPC maintains its indoor temperature at 24-26°C. With daily weather condition monitoring, the management team of HKPC adjusts the distribution and temperature of chilled water to cater for the operational needs of tenants. Also, HKPC optimizes the energy performance of the chiller units to enhance energy efficiency. HKPC has planned to replace all air-cooled chillers with water-cooled ones this year to reduce around 30% of energy consumption and to further reduce operating costs and carbon emissions.

The management team of HKPC has been always striving for a greener environment for the tenants and customers. In September 2012, the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (BEEO) came into effect. To ensure the new requirements were met, the Centre collaborated with CLP to conduct BEEO Compliance Audit. The experience gained was then shared with other properties under SEML's property portfolio.

CLP will closely collaborate with SEML in the areas of energy efficiency and energy saving. Till now, CLP has provided its Energy Audit service for over 30 properties to provide the energy saving recommendation on lighting, air-conditioning and hot water systems in order to achieve carbon reduction.


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