Hong Kong Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Goes Green with Environmentally Friendly Power-Generation Technology

Hong Kong’s Gold Coast, a popular beach resort area offering a range of recreational activities, set off on its Green Journey at the end of last year, with comprehensive initiatives in place to protect the environment, save energy and support sustainable development. As a part of this industry-leading journey, the Gold Coast is setting an example by participating in CLP’s renewable energy scheme and working with green organisations .

The Gold Coast has implemented a large-scale solar project for the Gold Coast Hotel , the Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club and the Gold Coast Piazza . The project has seen the installation of 914 solar panels with a total capacity of up to 259kW.

In its role as energy partner, CLP assigned engineers to conduct site visits and comprehensive solar assessments at the hotel in order to calculate the sun’s path, potential solar shading factors, appropriate panel types and inverters, and the space required for installation. The Gold Coast Hotel is one of the first hotels to join CLP’s renewable energy scheme. Using 68 solar panels, the property’s system powers lighting for its Grand Ballroom, resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions.

Mr. Robert Kaiwai, General Manager of Hong Kong Gold Coast , said, “The Group upholds a high standard of corporate citizenship, and renewable energy forms an important part of our many sustainable projects. Alongside our various environmentally friendly and waste-reducing initiatives, which include organic farms and green workshops, we aim to promote green education and conservation to our clients.”

The Kimberley Hotel

Latest Technology for Better Energy Saving

The Kimberley Hotel is located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, offering well-appointed accommodation and outstanding catering services. The hotel has adopted new technology to reduce energy costs and support environmental protection. Its efforts have been recognised by the Bronze Award of CLP GREENPLUS Award 2016 in the category of Industrial & Commercial Property Management.

The Kimberley Hotel invited CLP to provide energy audit to explore energy saving alternatives. With adopting the suggestions by CLP, the Kimberley Hotel reduced HK$1.1 million per year by replacing its traditional diesel water heater with two high-performance electric heat pumps. As for air conditioning, the management also accepted CLP’s recommendations to install an oil-free centrifugal chiller that reduced the noise from air conditioning system and energy consumption of 600,000 units of electricity. The Kimberley Hotel is one of the first in Hong Kong to adopt oil-free centrifugal chillers, making it an energy-saving pioneer in the hospitality industry.

The hotel management is proactively considering CLP's ’Meter Online‘ service, for the ‘9-Day Consumption Forecast’ function which provides the latest load profile data. The hotel will be in a better position to manage their energy consumption and demand reduction initiatives so that they achieve better energy efficiency. ‘We hope to enhance cost effectiveness by proactively analysing energy consumption and using appropriate energy-saving equipment,’ said Mr. Hon, Chief Engineer of the hotel.

Ms. Hui, General Manager of the hotel, “Our management satisfies with the result of energy saving and appreciate for CLP’s support and CLP Engineering’s technical proposal. We also promote the idea of energy saving to our stakeholders. Our tenant ‘Chuan Xi Restaurant’ has discovered the advantages of electric cooking equipment and converted to an all-electric kitchen itself. Our employees are encouraged to participate in CLP's energy-saving workshops and the ‘Power Your Love’ programme, so that we all come together for a greener environment.”

New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel

Advanced MOL Service for Better Hotel Energy Management

New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel not only offers quality hospitality services, but also seeks to apply energy-saving solutions that benefit the environment.

Inspired by the introduction of the Meter Online (MOL) service at CLP’s Green Building Symposium, New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel applied for the service, a simple and convenient tool to access the latest load profile data provided by CLP.

A new upgraded version of MOL was introduced in 2015. The hotel started to utilize the new version, MOL 3.0 which has features including a 9-Day consumption forecast and precise forecast on the time of peak demand. Based on the humidity and temperature, MOL 3.0 predicts the hotel’s peak demand that would occur during 12 noon and 2 pm and sends out an email alert. The hotel would then take prompt action such as increasing the chilled water temperature of air conditioning system by 0.5°C and optimising the operation of Primary Air Units (PAUs). The hotel can then achieve energy saving without additional capital and manpower investment.

After implementing MOL 3.0, the hotel successfully reduced 5% energy consumption from 2014 to 2015. Despite the slight adjustment on the average temperature of the hotel, the hotel service quality was not affected. The enhanced MOL 3.0 service also raised staff’s awareness of energy management and energy usage.

Summer is the peak season for electricity consumption, if you want to better manage your energy consumption, please contact your CLP Account Managers or send email to [email protected] to subscribe for the MOL 3.0 service. Your environment-friendly contribution always counts.

Silvermine Beach Resort

A Safer and Eco-friendlier

Sitting on the beautiful Silvermine Beach in Mui Wo, Silvermine Beach Resort is a secluded place for holiday-goers and nature-lovers. Since the change of its ownership, the Resort has started intense renovation and one of its major goals is to adopt facilities that complement its natural environment.

To support the Resort's intention of using more environmentally friendly equipment, CLP helped replace the old chiller systems with new heat recovery technology. The heat recovery technology generates hot water without using additional electricity and has replaced two sets of diesel boilers that have been providing hot water for 128 guestrooms since 1984.

As a result of the upgrade, the Resort has benefited from free hot water supply and improved energy efficiency, and avoided the storage of dangerous and flammable diesel on site.

With CLP's professional advice on energy saving and Energy Efficiency & Conservation applications, the Resort management is in the process of replacing the highly unsafe and flammable sterno cans with electric buffet burners. Guests will rest easy while their kids play in a much safer environment given there is no naked flame on the buffet tables. The new management also replaced CRT television sets with low energy consumption LED/LCD TV sets. The new installations are all in line with the Resort's objective of providing the most natural of setting for holiday makers. You will be able to relax in the knowledge that you are contributing to a much healthier environment and caring for the future of not only the local Mui Wo community but also preserving the natural environment for your kid's future.

Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou

Saved Energy Expenses

CLP Energy Services and Technology has helped the Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou, saving nearly 50% in heating expenses through retrofitting of the hotel's water heating system. The hotel used to rely on traditional diesel and natural gas boilers. In view of constantly rising fossil fuel costs, the management decided to replace the water heating system for better cost control.

CLP recommended using water generated from the hotel's central air-conditioning system as a heat source and installing a heat pump to recycle the energy for water heating purposes. This solution kills two birds with one stone by alleviating the air-conditioning load and reducing water heating expenses.

Assuming a 50% average occupancy rate, Mr. Goh, Kim Leong, Director of Engineering of Shangri-La Hotel Guangzhou, estimated the new system could save 153.4 tonnes of coal consumption per year and that the hotel's water heating expenses would be reduced from $1.35 million to $610,000.

Long summers in Hong Kong and southern China make heat pumps an ideal solution to save water heating and air-conditioning expenses.


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