Hospital Authority

CLP Cooperates with Hospital Authority for Achieving Energy Savings

The Hospital Authority (HA) provides a wide range of quality healthcare services in Hong Kong, and on its hospital operation HA is very conscious about energy efficiency for reducing carbon emissions.

There is no doubt that hospitals are among the most complex and energy-intensive facilities in existence. HA has adopted various energy saving initiatives to reduce energy consumption, the recent example is the introduction of oil-free chillers to improve the efficiency of the air-conditioning systems in hospitals.

CLP Supports HA’s Tseung Kwan O (Po Ning Road) General Out-patient Clinic Renovation Project

CLP supports HA’s energy saving mission. A joint green project with HA was initiated to try out new high energy saving equipment in Tseung Kwan O (Po Ning Road) General Out-patient Clinic by installing Intelligent Fan Coil Units and LED lighting panels with advanced reflectors.

An Intelligent Fan Coil Unit has variable fan speed control to optimize fan running in meeting correctly with the cooling demand and in turn eliminating wastage of fan energy if mismatching exits. LED lighting panels with advanced reflectors ensure uniformity and enlarge the lighting coverage that can reduce the number of lighting panels required. This technology also reduces lighting electricity consumption substantially. This can also serve as a showcase for educational purposes and for HA from inviting industry peers to consider and follow suit.

CLP Collaborates with HA for Promoting Energy Saving in Hospitals

Apart from adopting new technologies, promoting a culture of energy saving behaviour is also important. CLP cooperated with HA in organising 'Energy Saving Promotion Programme' in the summer of 2015. The Programme featured a series of activities such as education talks and ‘Power Saving Action in Hospitals’ which make HA staff aware of smart tips on wiser use of energy.

During the promotion campaign, CLP provided HA with energy management advisory supports including energy related audits and chiller optimisation. HA highly appreciated such CLP’s support to various hospitals with positive cultural impact and result achieved in energy savings.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Renewable Energy Application Conveys a Green Message

The green outlook at Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation led to its gold award in the ‘Public Organization, Utilities and University’ category in the fourth ‘GREENPLUS Award 2015’ organised by CLP.

The Science Park managed by Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation is committed to practise ‘green building’, launching a series of high efficiency and energy saving measures, and use renewable energy technologies in order to raise the overall efficiency of energy consumption as a result to reflect the commitment to sustainable development.

All of the buildings in the park benefit from the use of green technology. Energy-efficient systems including LED lighting, variable speed chillers and sequence optimisation on District Cooling are implemented. By installing the energy performance monitoring system at the buildings with quarterly review on current operation, this can effectively control the energy consumption and formulate energy saving solutions.

The Science Park pro-actively organises innovative energy-saving initiatives and encourages tenants to practise eco-friendly measures. To promote less air conditioning consumption through ‘Pay for Use Air Conditioning’, tenants will pay for their own air conditioning charges by measuring the actual chilled water consumption.

The ‘Green Lease’ also encourages the tenants to implement their own Environmental Management Plans (EMP) for sustainability purpose. There is ventilation design for the windows at Phase III office buildings. The centralised system will control the airflow from the windows according to daily climate condition. This allows more natural cooling to indoor and therefore successfully reduced air conditioning consumption.

To further promote green concepts in Hong Kong, the Science Park and CLP are collaborating to offer ‘Eco Tours’. Business organisations, schools as well as the general public are welcomed to visit the environmentally-friendly facilities at the Science Park. Visitors can experience how difficult to generate electricity through dancing and stepping on the ‘Step Power Generator’ invented by CLP and learn more about energy-saving tips through the ‘Energy Saving Football Striker’ multimedia game. These interactive games convey the message and raise awareness on energy conservation to the visitors.

Airport Authority Hong Kong

Large-scale Infrastructure Enables Hong Kong to Meet Internationally Recognised Carbon Reduction Targets

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) is a statutory body wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government and is responsible for the operation and management of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). AA has been developing and implementing numerous programmes and initiatives to make Hong Kong International Airport the greenest airport in the world. It also pledged to reduce airport-wide carbon emissions by 25% per workload unit by 2015 compared to 2008 levels. By 2013, the airport had achieved an 18% reduction of carbon intensity. Being the recipient of the GREENPLUS Recognition Award 'Energy Saving Award of Excellence' this year, is further endorsement of its outstanding achievement in energy efficiency.

AA is currently carrying out the largest LED lighting replacement programme in the territory. More than 100,000 LED lights will replace traditional lighting at the airport’s Passenger Terminal Buildings. Upon completion of the programme, it is estimated that some 15 million kWh of electricity will be saved each year.

Apart from its lights replacement programme, AA has many other projects in the pipeline that would lead to more efficient use of energy. It is in the process of replacing all airside service vehicles with electric versions and has mandated that all service providers convert their non-electric saloon cars to electric ones by the end of 2017. To support this programme, and with the help of CLP, they are installing more charging infrastructure. AA also encourages the utilisation of fixed ground power supply systems and pre-conditioned air systems, to reduce aviation fuel consumption and associated emissions. Aircraft will be banned for using the auxiliary power units (APUs) when parking at frontal stands at HKIA before the end of 2014.

Furthermore, with the integration of refrigeration systems of the passenger terminal buildings and ground transportation, AA is looking to optimise the air conditioning systems and reduce carbon emissions.

CLP will continue to work closely with AA in energy efficiency and conservation programmes to jointly build a green and environmental-friendly city.


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