Park Island

Energy Forecast Facilitates Greener Clubhouse Environment

Park Island is the first large-scale residential property including 31 residential buildings and 4 clubhouses which designed with eco-friendly and pollution-free concept. Being the property management of Park Island, Kai Shing Management Services Limited is providing eco-friendly facilities to residents. Last year, CLP’s Meter Online service was introduced to those clubhouses following by a series of energy conservation measures. The energy saving performance is remarkable.

With the technical advice from CLP, Kai Shing adopts labelling system to identify the energy-efficient equipment of lighting and air conditioners which corresponding consumption is flexible. Whenever the management team received the alerts from '7-Day Energy Forecast' of Meter Online service, they will adjust the operation of the labelled equipment and also re-arrange the staff deployment plans accordingly.

In order to provide in-depth analysis for energy management, Kai Shing collaborates with CLP to work out the operation schedule for lighting and air conditioning equipment. The schedule can clearly show the record of the operation pattern which is subjected to the alerts from '7-Day Energy Forecast'. After two months trial, the analysis showed that on average 5% of energy cost can be saved after the implementation of the above measures.

After using the '7-Day Energy Forecast' of Meter Online service, Senior Property and Facility Manager of Kai Shing, Anthony Yau stated that the work flows are streamlined and energy consumption is controlled more effectively. The implementation also inspired the behavioural change of their staff to join together in achieving energy saving and carbon reduction.


Better Preparation for Better Energy Saving

Going green is not just a living style but can also be a key driver for building energy efficiency enhancement with much bigger impacts. The AquaMarine managed by the Jones Lang LaSalle is one of the successful cases. Through the newly developed '7-Day Energy Forecast' function of CLP's Meter Online service, which incorporates forecast data on temperature and relative humidity from the Hong Kong Observatory, the property management team can plan ahead to achieve better energy saving.

Energy Forecast for Effective Management

AquaMarine is a pioneer in using CLP’s Meter Online service. Through in-depth data analysis, the property management team can better understand the relationships amongst the estate’s energy consumption, facility operation and resident behaviour pattern. They can then optimise their operation to deliver quality service while consuming less energy.

The '7-Day Energy Forecast' brings to the property management team a clearer picture of electricity consumption in the next 7 days, which gives them more lead time to adjust staff deployment and operation plans accordingly. One example is to re-schedule high-consumption operations to off-peak periods to minimize electricity demand.

Solid Data for Energy Saving Practices

With Meter Online service, the property management team now has reliable and accurate data to demonstrate the energy saving achievements to the residents and solicit support from the Owners’ Committee to further step up energy saving efforts. Examples include adjusting fresh air intake, chillers operating sequence, chilled water temperature, air temperature and luminance levels according to traffic to the clubhouse and utilization of the facilities.

The property management also listens to voices of the residents and make adjustment so that the two parties can work together to save energy. After using the Meter Online service and '7-Day Energy Forecast', AquaMarine has achieved more than 10% energy saving at clubhouse and common areas.

Green Design with Eco-Friendly Clubhouse

In addition, the clubhouse adopts a large number of glass windows with anti-ultraviolet window film. This can make the best use of natural light, while also effectively controls the indoor temperature. The clubhouse has also replaced traditional lighting with LED and reduced unnecessary lighting to provide comfortable indoor illumination more economically.


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