Uni-China (Market) Management Limited – Red Market

Smart System Ready to Revolutionise Traditional Wet Markets

Red Market (Kwong Yuen Market) has been revitalised and features a new look that is a departure from traditional wet markets. By combining innovative smart technology and energy conservation into its design, the market now uses energy more efficiently, which has won its owners the Smart Energy Outstanding Award at the CLP Smart Energy Award 2018.

Inside the industrial-style red brick walls, the Red Market houses a smart system that comes with cutting-edge technology, including sun sensors. These automatically adjust the intensity of the indoor LED lighting system, which keeps the market bright while minimising energy consumption. Similarly, the new smart ventilation system measures real-time carbon dioxide levels inside the market and adjust its ventilating power accordingly, ensuring the air quality is optimal for shoppers. Furthermore, solar panels have been installed on the roof, which generates electricity for all the stalls. Without a doubt, the Red Market perfectly demonstrates what a “green market” should look like.

James Ling, executive director of Uni-China (Market) Management Limited – Red Market, said, “CLP gave us plenty of advice when we were preparing for the installation of the smart system at the Red Market. The Red Market and CLP both have a mission to use energy efficiently and conserve it, and to promote green living within society. I hope that we can join forces to create a more sustainable future.”

Midland Realty International Limited

Big Data Facilitates Energy Saving at Branches

Midland Realty is committed to contributing to society by upholding environmentally friendly and energy saving practices. In recent years, Midland makes good use of big data to create sustainable and green workplaces.

In 2013, Midland joined the CLP GREENPLUS Energy Billboard to enhance branch management. This first ever CLP online energy benchmarking tool calculates the monthly energy consumption index (kWh per square metre per month) of businesses in the same industry, providing a reference point among peers. With the help of this data, Midland worked with CLP’s Account Manager to implement an energy saving plan. As a result, their average energy consumption across branches decreased by approximately 10% in four years.

Midland is devoted to preserving energy and has extended its efforts to scheduling sleep mode for computers at all branches. At the same time, they installed CLP’s Smart Enterprise services to monitor and manage lighting and air conditioning systems at locations with high energy consumption. By analysing relevant data, Midland can now identify sources of waste quickly and efficiently, thus lowering energy costs.

Midland comments, “Having received two awards at CLP GREENPLUS Award 2015: the Gold Award for Retail & Service – Chain Store and the Joint Energy Saving Award, we continue to incorporate CLP’s smart services in its operations to maximise energy saving opportunities.”

A-1 Bakery (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Simplifying Energy Efficiency with One App

A-1 Bakery is committed to producing healthy and quality breads and pastries with natural ingredients while aiming to sustain environmental development as one of its principles. In addition to the implementation of various energy-saving measures, the company adopts innovative technologies to enhance energy efficiency.

With the growing popularity of advanced technologies, CLP has launched the Smart Enterprise solution for its business customers. Users are able to monitor operating systems on a daily basis via mobile applications with just a few touches on the screen. Taking suggestions from CLP’s on-site assessment, A-1 Bakery applies the Smart Enterprise solution to its office air conditioning system. Employees can use the mobile app to remotely control and adjust the temperature anytime and anywhere, ensuring that the daytime work environment is comfortable. Air-conditioning system can be switched off remotely even after the office hours to minimise energy waste. A-1 Bakery also installs motion sensors and timers to all aisles in the office, detecting movements of the designated areas. The air conditioning system will adjust automatically to facilitate a more flexible and effective business operation and management. With this Smart Enterprise solution, A-1 Bakery is now able to record daily electricity consumption of its air conditioning system and fully monitor the energy usage. Along with the regular energy analysis reports provided by CLP, the company expects to reduce 10-15% of its energy costs annually.

A-1 Bakery is also considering the adoption of the energy management system in the baking workshop, monitoring the real-time electricity usage of the equipment. Through monitoring the electric cooking appliances with the energy management, A-1 Bakery can change its operation mode instantly to optimise operational efficiency and effectiveness. ‘Smart Enterprise is simpler and more than you might expect. All you need is just to install an app on the phone, then you can access your energy data and instantly remote control certain equipment. It’s easy and flexible.’ said Mr. Motonobu YANAI, Executive Director and CEO of A-1 Bakery Co., (HK) Ltd.

Bright Lamp Industrial Limited - Long Ping Market

Modern Market Features Energy Efficient Design

Long Ping Market, located in Yuen Long, is managed by Bright Lamp Industrial Limited, and was retrofitted in simple décor and fully equipped with eco-friendly systems. The company successfully reshapes the image of traditional wet markets by delivering a green shopping venue. This market revamp project received the Gold Award of CLP GREENPLUS Award 2016 – SME (Retail & Service) in recognition of energy conservation effort.

Bright Lamp Industrial Limited focuses significantly on improving the poor ventilation issues of the Long Ping Market, giving residents a pleasant surprise over how a modernised market can be. The company replaces air handling units to the market with energy efficient motors and installs low-speed energy saving fans for better air circulation, greatly reducing 30% of the energy costs.

The comprehensive switch to using LED lights in the market allows more concentrated indoor light, achieving energy efficiency by minimising unnecessary lightings. Compared with fluorescent tubes, longer life expectancy and higher energy saving of LED lights may also reduce frequent replacement costs.

In addition, the market is installed with energy saving monitoring system, tracking real-time electricity consumption of different equipment by logging in the system. The monitoring system can also analyse and formulate corresponding energy efficient solutions for the management at any time.

‘Energy saving and environmental protection practices should be carried out regardless of places and scales. Through the integration of eco-friendly equipment and measures into Long Ping Market, we hope to optimise operations and enhance energy efficiency, while bringing residents a comfortable shopping environment to this end’ said Mr Peter Lam, Executive Director of Bright Lamp Industrial Limited.

La La La Hong Kong Limited

Saving Energy Anytime, Anywhere

La La La Hong Kong Limited is a small and medium-sized enterprise that imports and distributes fine wines and food. Apart from offering its customers with high quality products, the company is also committed to energy saving. With a strong emphasis on product quality control, they are also enhancing the warehouse environment.

Via the Smart Thermostat mobile app, the company can now remotely control the air conditioner’s settings of its office and warehouse for better energy management. For instance, in the summer when the room temperature is usually higher during day time, five air conditioners are required. But only two air conditioners are needed during night time. Over every weekend, no employee will standby to control the temperature levels and air-conditioner settings. As such, all the five air conditioners are required to operate at full speed over the weekends creating unnecessary energy wastage. Upon using the Smart Thermostat mobile app, three of the air conditioners can be turned off remotely on weekends and holidays via a mobile phone. This can also ensure its fine wines and food are stored at optimum temperature and humidity levels, while at the same time enhance energy efficiency and quality of warehouse environment. On a monthly basis, the company carries out regular cleaning and maintenance on their ventilation systems and air conditioners in order to maintain the efficiency of the cooling system at the warehouse.

With the objective of reducing energy consumption, the company has replaced its traditional computers with smaller terminals in the office since mid-year. Compared to traditional computers, the terminals can save about 20 times of energy and its compact size can free the spacious area for workplace. In the meantime, the company encourages active staff participation in various green activities, such as visiting CLP’s GREENPLUS Experience Centre, where they can interact in a two-way communication to reinforce the energy saving culture.

Convenience Retail Southern China Ltd - Circle K

CLP Brings Energy Saving Solutions to China

Convenience Retail Southern China Ltd (CRSC) is responsible for the development of the Circle K network in the Southern part of China. It collaborates with CLP to further reduce energy consumption while diligently striving to promote such solutions.

CLP conducted an energy audit reviewing convenience stores, offices and distribution centre for CRSC in Guangzhou. It helped CRSC to facilitate the communication between front-line staff and top management, exploring more energy saving solutions and providing recommendations that comprised the most important and valuable parts of the audit.

Accordingly, CRSC adopted such recommendations including changing to LED lighting in the distribution centre. With a gradual change, the centre saved 7% on its energy consumption.

On the other hand, CRSC adopted the recommendation to implement a pilot scheme in one of its Circle K stores. The pilot scheme applied two energy efficient applications. One of those is that the store installed a centralised refrigeration system with invertor, such variable frequency technology helps adjust optimal power consumption according to the operational needs of different refrigeration systems.

The store also adopted a hybrid intelligent air conditioning system. It integrates the function of traditional air conditioning with an evaporative air handling unit. In a lower temperature condition, the evaporative air handling unit can further cool down the fresh air and maintain comfortable room temperature. Such operation can minimise the energy consumption of air conditioning system.

With the application of above two energy saving initatives, the pilot store saved 17 % on its energy consumption and reduced operational costs. This prompted the group to further advocate this initiative to other branches and their industry peers, together working for a green business.

If you are interested in CLP’s Energy Service in China, please feel free to enquire through the following channels:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (852) 2678 6838

i Dance

Enhancing Green Life and Self-confidence through Dance

Established in 2009, i Dance offers professional dance courses and aims to increase self-esteem through dance. Besides offering a comfortable and spacious area for employees and members, the school also incorporates environmentally conscious elements. Therefore, it successfully won the gold award in ‘Small and Medium Enterprises’ category of CLP ‘GREENPLUS Award 2015’.

i Dance founder Grace Ng says, "iDance is not just a dance school. We want to convey the message of enhancing self-confidence and green life through dance which is exactly our concept."

The fourth i Dance campus established in Mei Foo in 2015, incorporates green features throughout. Across the 15,000 square feet facility, from dance studios and corridors to the signage, all of the lighting is using T5 fluorescent tubes, energy-saving lamps and LED lights. Even the number of lighting fixtures has been reduced but same level of brightness has been maintained, finally saved energy cost by 20%.

The campus also offers an open area in the pantry incorporating all-electric cooking appliances. The equipment generates less cooking fumes and provides more comfortable environment to the employees and members.

i Dance management learnt the energy efficiency of heat pump water heater from CLP’s GREENPLUS workshop. This encouraged them to install such equipment in the changing room of Mei Foo campus which saved 40% energy cost.

Besides implementing energy-efficient equipment, i Dance encourages employees to cultivate a green mindset. Green ambassadors have placed energy saving tips near power switches to remind everyone to switch off the lights and appliances which are not necessary.

Kee Wah Bakery

LED lighting lowers energy consumption by nearly 80%

As for the venerable local Kee Wah Bakery, the company has also recently replaced equipment to improve store environments and reduce energy costs.

"We should have the courage to try green ways. If the replacement of energy-saving equipment does facilitate energy efficiency, why shouldn't our company be glad to do so?" Mr. Mark Wong, Operations Director of Kee Wah Bakery Limited said. For many years, he has been keen on environmental protection and is willing to adopt appropriate energy-saving equipment to improve its operation performance.

With CLP's support, as early as 2010, Kee Wah's Lai Chi Kok outlets completely switched to LED lighting. "In addition to the nearly 80% energy savings of LED lighting compared with traditional spotlights, as their temperature is relatively lower, the impact on our products as well as in-store temperature is rather minimal," according to Wong. He noted that LED lighting also lasted longer than traditional spotlights, which added to savings on the cost of frequent lamp replacement. "We foresee that in the next few months, another four outlets will switch to LED lighting to further enhance our energy saving performance," Wong said.

Kee Wah Bakery continuously switches to energy-saving LED spotlights for its stores to improve energy efficiency.

In fact, in addition to replacing the store's lighting system, Kee Wah built a new Tai Po plant in 2009 with wide application of energy-saving features in the design, such as the use of natural lighting, energy-saving nano lamp panels and heat pump systems. "In line with CLP's Meter Online service, we are now even able to immediately keep track of the effectiveness of our energy-saving measures and equipment and make follow-ups, and thus energy conservation and emission reduction have become a simple and convenient task." Wong said.

Ocean Dragon Lighting

Energy cost saving for SME

From CLP’s Energy Billboard, we can better understand our store’s energy performance in same industry effectively.

Having operated a lighting retail business for over 14 years, Tsuen Wan Ocean Dragon Lighting’s owner Ms Pauline Wong mentioned “According to CLP’s Energy Billboard report, we can benchmark the energy performance against the peers within the same industry to become more competitive.” She also followed CLP’s advice to utilize more energy saving light bulbs and LED lamps. To re-arrange the in-store lighting set up, more brightness is required near the window display and less lighting at the back side. After such changes, the electricity cost has been greatly reduced around 20%. She emphasized again “Reduce the lighting’s brightness can save a lot of energy cost which will not have big impact from visual perspective. We paid the electricity cost around $5000 per month right now while $7000 per month in the past.”


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