Sailing Boat Catering Group

Pioneer in Green Catering Nutritious options for Students

Sailing Boat Catering Group has been serving same-day, freshly prepared lunch boxes for secondary and primary schools in Hong Kong for over twenty years and provides quality nutritious meals for over 50,000 students daily. The group continuously practices several environmental conservation measures, establishes clear goals, and adheres to the principle of “zero waste, recycle, and reuse.” It is the pioneer in Hong Kong to use reusable lunch boxes, determined to be the role model of the industry for environment conservation.

To improve the effectiveness of environmental conservation, the group has installed various electric stoves in its own central kitchen. This has reduced the temperature in the kitchen by 30% compared to the previous year. The food preparation line incorporates an electric temperature-controlling tunnel that uses smart heating units rather than traditional heating coils to warm up food directly without additional heat conduction, effectively reducing energy loss. As heat transfer is of great efficiency, the temperature of food is raised within minutes to retain the nutrition and flavour of food with 10% less electricity. In addition, traditional sterilisation requires a higher operating temperature but smart heating transfers heat directly to the food, strengthening food safety and quality.

Mr Wong Tsz Yin, Manager of Operations of Sailing Boat Catering Group said, “CLP proposed different energy saving solutions in response to our needs. The solutions allowed us to enhance the quality and safety of our school lunch and to provide students with healthy food options. The installation of electric cooking equipment and devices in our central kitchen increased energy efficiency with savings that enabled us to purchase more nutritious ingredients for students. This is a win-win for all parties.”

Vita Green Health Products Co. Ltd.

Smarter Operations for Greener Achievement

Vita Green Group strikes to maintain high international pharmaceutical standards at every manufacturing process of its health care products, while actively promoting environmental protection. In recognition of its energy conservation effort, the Group received the Gold Award from CLP GREENPLUS Award 2017 in the category of industry.

Vita Green Group is a reputable health products manufacturer and is proud to fulfil its social responsibility for the community. One of the most remarkable environmentally friendly practices it implements is by reusing 90% of the high-temperature steam from the electric boiler for dehumidifying products. Meanwhile, the equipment is installed with smart control timers, saving about 430,000 kWh per year.

Vita Green Group adopts the air flow optimisation service provided by CLP. It helps predict air flow pattern and temperature distribution in its warehouse and optimises ventilation system designed for better supply air flow, avoiding accumulation of hot air. Such measures save energy consumption up to 170,000 kWh per year.

Furthermore, the Group makes use of the CLP’s Meter Online service to anticipate high consumption days with occurring times to better plan for operations processes, and to also monitor power consumption of facilities to adopt corresponding flexible energy saving measures for further enhancing energy efficiency.

With the above measures, its factory and warehouse can keep an optimised temperature, humidity and purity consistently, so that the best quality product can be guaranteed. Dr. Helen Chan, CEO of Vita Green Group, said ‘We are not only concerned about the health of people, but also the health of our planet seriously. We hope to help our customers stay healthy and enjoy their lives in a sustainable green environment with a sense of health and well-being from the inside out.’

Cheung Wing Kee Noodles Factory Co. Ltd.

Traditional Factory Becomes Eco-Friendly Pioneer

Cheung Wing Kee Noodles Factory Co. Ltd. is a local noodle manufacturer at Hung Hom for over 60 years. Cheung Wing Kee is dedicated to making noodles as well as protecting the environment by implementing energy conservation measure in its factory and shop. As a recognition of its effort in energy saving, Cheung Wing Kee received the Gold Award from CLP GREENPLUS Award 2016 in the category of SME Office, Store & Manufactory.

Mr. Hui, the Managing Director of Cheung Wing Kee, said, ‘We strive for perfection in both noddle production and ingredient selection. We are willing to make great efforts in achieving higher productivity and energy efficiency in our production line, and make a contribution to environmental protection."

Cheung Wing Kee’s new factory is equipped with energy saving rice noodle production line. It incorporates energy saving designs, such as using high-performance insulation materials at steam cabinet and integrating a steam volume control function for reduction in heat loss. These simple-but-effective modifications save approximately 48% of energy consumption compared to traditional production. In addition, ovens for dried noodles are equipped with thermostat and timer to reduce energy waste due to overheat, maintain the product stability and enhance efficiency. The factory also incorporates a ventilation system to provide fresh air and reduce the overall cooling load on air-conditioning system.

Cheung Wing Kee's shop installed LEDs, compact fluorescent lamps and energy-efficient T5 fluorescent tubes. In addition, energy-saving notices are posted as reminders to raise employees’ energy conservation awareness. With these energy efficient initiatives, the traditional noodle factory is doing an exceptional job in achieving a green work environment.


Chiller Optimisation Showing where to Save

The brand of Vitasoy is not only a household name of beverages in Hong Kong, but equally well known worldwide. The existing plant has been in operation since 1980’s and its operation requires chiller units which cool mainly office space as well as some manufacturing and storage areas. The cost of operating the chillers contributes significantly to Vitasoy’s overheads.

To further enhance the energy efficiency, CLP conducted Chiller Optimisation Services on all four chiller units by using comprehensive and non-invasive measurement techniques to determine the actual performance of each unit over time. From site measurement, CLP discovered that the coefficient of performance (COP) for one of Vitasoy’s air-cooled chillers had deteriorated significantly, from the manufacturer’s specified level of 2.32 to 0.68. This chiller could not help the other 3 chillers sharing the heat load as it was only running at around 10 to 20% efficiency most of the time and also worsen to direct the flow of chilled water into this insufficient cooling plant.

Replacing an Inefficient Chiller Unit Increases the COP Significantly

With site verification and recommendation from CLP, Vitasoy decided to replace the inefficient chiller unit and was completed in January 2015. Since the COP for the new unit is 3.2, Vitasoy can save roughly 80% energy cost through this chiller replacement alone. The company expects the payback period within a year and a half.

Manually Sequence for Optimum Efficiency for Added Savings

Through measurements taken from different chiller units during various part load conditions, CLP further recommended that Vitasoy manually sequence the operation of the four chiller units to attain even better energy efficiency without adding any investment cost.

If some chillers would give superior performance than others in full load or part load conditions, it should be switched on first and for most of the time. The operator is also reminded to keep existing chiller units full load as far as practicable before switching on additional units in part load conditions. Therefore, another 5% in energy savings are expected to achieve.

"Improving efficiency levels is critical to our bottom line and an essential part of our drive to protect the environment. CLP’s Chiller Optimisation Services was extremely effective in addressing the area to enhance efficiency,” said Mr. Herbert Lee, Senior Manufacturing Manager, Vitasoy.  


Centralised Dishwashing with Energy Efficiency and Quality

Experiencing the shortage of dish wash manpower especially during festive seasons, two owners of restaurants decided to set up Diwash in year 2011. It is a centralised dish washing system and the first-ever service to relieve the pressure of manpower shortage. The service not only enhances the dishware cleaning quality and working environment, but also creates the positive chain effect of green initiatives to the restaurants.

Diwash is equipped with fully automated facilities. With CLP's assistance in last year, the company adopted full electric operation for three process lines in Kwai Chung workshop in order to reinforce their energy saving practices. Having conducted the Energy Audit service from CLP, the energy efficiency of system was further enhanced.

As Diwash requires significant supplies of hot water, CLP recommended the use of energy-efficient heat pumps which are able to provide stable supplies and constant temperature of hot water in 24-hours. This solution can cater long operation of air conditioning and hot water supplies while supporting the pre-wash operation. The heat pump can simultaneously generate hot water and cool air with significant saving in energy cost of 66% for washing operation and corresponding start-up time was shortened from 30 to 10 minutes.

To enhance the working environment and energy efficiency, Ricky Au and Alex Liu, managing directors of Diwash, are adopting the LED, compact fluorescent lamps and planning to install heat pumps in other workshops.


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