CLP’s Meter Online service gives customers# a simple and convenient means to access the latest load profile data. With more information on hand, customers will be in a better position to manage their energy consumption and demand so that they achieve better energy efficiency.


Meter Online: Enhanced Interface & Functions Upgrade

  • Customised Landing Page provides an overview of the latest energy consumption and a 9-day energy consumption forecast upon logging in. Accounts with the highest energy consumption will be displayed by default. Customers can also select specific accounts to be displayed on the landing page
  • Energy Consumptions Chart allows direct comparison of energy consumption by month or by day. In addition, you can mouse over the chart to view the percentage difference in energy consumption and average temperature
  • Up to 500 accounts and / or meters can now be registered and reviewed under a single Meter Online account to give customers a better overview
  • ‘Print Report’ provides a one-click printing function of the latest energy consumption information for easy business reporting

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Other Key Features:

  • Forecast the Occurring Time of Peak Demand designed for customers with significant chiller consumption, which is heavily affected by ambient temperature and humidity. In anticipation of high consumption days with occurring time, customers can have more time to better plan for energy savings or demand reduction initiatives
  • Provide 9-Day Regional Consumption Forecast according to Hong Kong Observatory’s latest regional weather information, this can enhance the analysis to be more specific
  • Load Profile Downloadenables customers to download load profiles for up to 10 accounts / meters*
  • Enhanced Proactive Energy Management allows customers to set up consumption alerts more easily and quickly

#Customers have to have smart meters and remote meter reading systems installed before they can enjoy this service.

*Meter Online records load profile data for every half-hour, providing (365x48) data points in one year for energy consumption analysis

Click here to download the leaflet if you would like to learn more about the Meter Online service.

Please contact our Account Managers or call (852) 2678 2688 if you have further enquiries. 

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