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The Peak Demand Management programme aims to encourage business customers to reduce electricity consumption during peak demand hours by offering incentives.

Who is Eligible?

CLP Bulk or Large Power Tariff customers are welcome to join this programme. Interested customers who do not meet the above participation eligibility criteria will be evaluated by us on a case-by-case basis.

When are Peak Demand Hours?

Peak Demand Hours are the periods when we anticipate electricity demand will be extremely high, CLP will notify you of the specific hours.

How Will I Benefit?

After receiving notification of Peak Demand Hours from CLP, you can take suitable measures to reduce your electricity use during the specific periods and earn rewards in return.

The current prevailing rates are set out in the table below for ease of reference:

Notification lead time

Incentive rate (HK$/kWh reduction)

≥ 24 hours prior to the Event


≥ 4 hours but < 24 hours prior to the Event


Application Procedure

Identify Demand Reduction Options with Account Manager

Submit Application

Receive Peak Demand Hours Notification from CLP

Implement Demand Reduction Measures

Earn Rewards


For submitting the completed application form or further enquiry, please contact your Account Manager or email to [email protected]


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