CLP believes that public education on energy conservation is critical and therefore makes use of many different channels to promote the importance of environmental protection as part of the GREENPLUS Programme. Customers can also receive the latest news about energy saving trends and technologies.

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Our regular eNewsletters keep subscribers up to date on the latest energy saving activities, service, applications as well as local successful stories.

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Green Building Symposiums

Since the full implementation of the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance in September 2012, the topic of green buildings has been drawing much attention in business sector of Hong Kong. In view of this, CLP organises regular green building symposium for businesses, industry experts and customers to share their experiences in implementing green building practices. The aim is to inspire the participants to integrate green elements into their building design and energy management, so that we can build a green city together.

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GREEN PLUS Workshops

In light of the growing concerns about increasing business costs and environmental conservation, CLP organises a series of GREENPLUS Workshops to share how business operators can sharpen their edges by cutting down their energy costs and carbon emissions. Commercial and industrial customers can join these workshops for free. CLP’s engineers and customers with successful stories will share their knowledge on energy saving installations that are suitable for different aspects, including lighting, air-conditioning, hot water system. Other topics related to Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance, energy management system, renewable energy and successful case studies are also touched upon. 

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Eco Tours

To further promote green living environments, CLP regularly organises eco tours for various associations and organisations to pay a visit to GREENPLUS Experience Centre and other successful facilities, such as Hong Kong first eco fish farm and hydroponics farm. As part of the tours, participants can learn about innovative renewable energy technologies and study the feasibility of the use of energy saving measures and renewable energy applications, as well as how to develop a sustainable business model.

Green Partners Corner

Businesses and Social Welfare Organisation implement environmentally friendly measures which are well-recognised and worth for sharing. CLP acts as a sharing hub for these best examples of practice to arouse the interest of other organisations to join the green programme and contribute to society with sustainable development.

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GREEN PLUS School Programme

Apart from helping customers to improve energy efficiency, education is also an essential aspect of the GREENPLUS programme. CLP supports schools to develop green campuses to strengthen students’ understanding of environmental conservation and plant the seeds for lower carbon footprint. CLP offers a range of professional consultancy service for schools, including comprehensive feasibility studies for renewable energy, customised energy check-up service to evaluate the energy systems, installation of energy monitoring system. In addition, CLP organises inter-school activities such as the 'School and Home Energy Saving Scheme' and many others.

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