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CLP hosted a Smart Energy Symposium on 12th June, inviting businesses and organisations to exchange ideas on smart technology to enhance their energy efficiency. More than 300 participants from different sectors took part in the event at which CLP shared new energy saving initiatives, encouraging customers to work together to combat climate change and make Hong Kong a greener, smarter city.

The theme for this year’s symposium was Innovation and Smart Energy Management. Booths and exhibits were set up at today’s event to showcase some of the latest energy saving technology and solutions for business, including more energy efficient air-conditioning systems, LED motion sensor light products, a smarter energy management system, and various types of solar panels. The display allowed customers to learn about the latest trends in energy saving technology and to explore possibilities for improving their own energy efficiency and support for cleaner energy.

CLP’s new Scheme of Control Agreement with the Government comes into effect in October this year with a raft of green and energy saving initiatives goals and targets. Guests at the symposium were briefed on a range of pioneering new initiatives contained in the agreement, including an upgraded CLP Eco Building Fund, a Feed-in Tariff Scheme, Renewable Energy Certificates, and Energy Audit Services.

Through these initiatives, CLP will offer business customers professional advice to enable them to identify potential energy saving opportunities, providing subsidies for them to conduct energy improvement works in the communal areas of buildings and install more energy efficient electrical equipment, as well as supporting the development of renewable energy in Hong Kong.

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