Green Building Symposium 2013

CLP’s First Green Building Symposium – Jointly Build a Green Metropolitan

CLP organised first Green building sysmposium, themed ' Jointly Build a Green Metropolitan'

Since the full implementation of the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance in September 2012, the topic of green buildings has been drawing much public attention, particularly in business sector of Hong Kong. In view of this, CLP held a green building symposium on 1 November with the tagline of ‘Jointly Build a Green Metropolitan’. Many distinguished guests, experts and company representatives from different sectors and property management companies were invited to share their experiences in implementing green building practices. The aim is to inspire the participants to integrate green elements into their building design and energy management so as to support the government’s objective of building a green city together.

Guest speakers shared energy saving experienceIr Dr the Honourable Lo Wai Kwok, Legislative Councillor (Engineering) and Ir Harry Lai, Assistant Director (Electricity & Energy Efficiency) of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department were invited to officiate at the symposium, Ir Conrad Wong, Chairman of Hong Kong Green Building Council and industrial representatives were also invited as guest speakers. EMSD gave advice on how to comply with the BEEO and introduced energy-saving technology for green buildings. The guest speakers also analysed different successful cases. Kai Shing Management Services Limited shared its experiences on implementation of energy-saving plans. The Airport Authority Hong Kong shared its experience on building Hong Kong International Airport as the world’s greenest airport. The Hong Kong Green Building Council shared energy-saving experience from the perspective of investment and cost effectiveness. Sino Estates Management Limited introduced Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance audits for compliance and energy saving. All the participants greatly appreciated the sharing of experiences.

CLP introduced Meter Online Service

As the green partner in promoting environmental protection, CLP also introduced a new and enhanced Meter Online Service. It contains a ‘7-Day Energy Forecast’ indicating energy consumption forecast based on the latest weather information provided by Hong Kong Observatory. The feature helps customers manage their energy consumption in a more systematic way, thus conserving energy and improving the overall energy efficiency of their commercial buildings. In this year CLP addressed electricity demand management by launching a number of trial schemes, helping commercial customers such as hotels, shopping malls and universities to manage their consumption. This encouraged them to adjust their energy consumption habits and thus contribute to environmental protection. 

Symposium's details: Download Here

Sino Estates First to Experience Enhanced Meter Online Service

CLP’s Meter Online service provides customers with a simple and convenient way to understand their energy consumption pattern.CLP’s Meter Online service provides customers with a simple and convenient way to access their most up-to-date load profile data. In addition to understanding their energy consumption pattern, customers will be in a better position to manage their energy consumption and demand.

Recently, CLP has enhanced the Meter Online service by adding a number of innovative and optimized features, including a ‘7-Day Energy Forecast’ that uses the latest weather information to predict energy consumption. The ‘Load Profile Download’ tool allows simple, single mass downloads of load profile data of up to ten accounts or meters for one-year* while the ‘Proactive Energy Management’ system offers email alerts to designated recipients when their energy consumption exceeds pre-set limits. 

After the service upgrade, CLP invited Sino Estates Management Limited to experience the service in its Tsim Sha Tsui Centre. Mr. Tse, Maintenance Manager of Sino Estates Management Limited, mentioned, “With the new service and in anticipation of high consumption days, we can better manage electricity consumption and therefore have more time to coordinate with related departments. Also, we can fine tune the operating hours, sequence of chiller units and step up maintenance for the air conditioning system in advance to optimize energy efficiency.  In general, we can achieve energy saving of 3 to 5 percent. The new features also help companies and operational teams to jointly develop practical procedures, ensuring effective consumption control without compromising the quality of service.”

After using the enchanced Meter Online service, the energy consumption of Tsim Sha Tsui Centre has been improved significantly. The new features contributed to energy management, not only save time but also increase the efficiency of commercial facilities.

If you are interested in the enchanced Meter Online service, please visit Meter Online or contact your CLP Account Managers.

* The Meter Online service records load profile in a half-hour interval and there shall be (365x48) sets of data in a year for analysis.


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