1. More Comfortable

  • RCAC offers you year-round comfort. It can lower or raise the room temperature to suit your needs
  • Traditional heaters distribute heat only in close proximity to the heating unit, whereas RCAC distributes and warms the room evenly
  • RCAC helps maintain indoor humidity, preserving a very comfortable environment

2.Quicker Response Time

  • RCAC works instantly to warm up the whole area at least 4 times faster than traditional electric heaters, turning your home from an icebox to an island of comfort quickly and cost-effectively

3. Worry-free & Convenient

  • RCACs are safer than conventional space heaters or fan heaters. They are generally mounted high up, out of the way of children and the elderly. With no wires running across the floor, your beloved family members will not trip over accidentally. You can also be spared the worry of having them hurt by accidentally touching the hot surfaces
  • 2-in-1 RCAC functions as both an air-conditioner and a heater, does not take up precious floor space when in operation, and does not pose any storage problem for you when not in use

4. Energy-efficient & Cost-effective

  • RCAC is more cost-effective than space or fan heaters, reducing energy consumption by as much as 70%

5. The Healthier Choice

  • With RCAC, room temperature can be maintained effectively throughout the year, helping to reduce the chance of getting sick due to temperature fluctuations


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