Energy efficient

Purchase a model with the "Recognition Type" Energy Label. A more energy efficient dehumidifier consumes less energy when removing the same amount of water in the same environmental conditions. Dehumidifiers with energy factor equal to or greater than 1.2L/kWh save more energy and costs.

Flat area

Select a dehumidifier with a high capacity (20 liters or above) for large flats as well as for flats located at the waterfront or in a high humidity area

Automatic humidity control

The adjustable humidistat automatically switches the device off/on when relative humidity reaches the pre-set level. This reduces energy consumption while maintaining desirable humidity levels

Easy mobility

Ensure the dehumidifier is equipped with casters or shafts for easy mobility

Water receptacle

A dehumidifier with a larger water receptacle requires less frequent emptying

Temperature and humidity test conditions

Dehumidifying speed is faster in a warmer and damper environment. Take into account not only the dehumidifying capacity, but also the temperature and humidity test conditions of different models when selecting your dehumidifier


Check if water receptacles and air filters are easy to remove and replace, and that the buttons are louvres are easy to operate


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