1. Cool & Comfortable

  • Heat is transferred directly to the bottom of the cookware, keeping your kitchen 4-5°C cooler than when using conventional cookers, allowing you to enjoy the fun of cooking in a cool and comfortable environment
  • As no air or fuel is burned, minimal smoke and tar is produced. Induction cooking is therefore a healthy way of cooking
  • Induction cooking is also ideal for an open kitchen

2. Energy Efficient

  • Induction cookers directly heat up the bottom of the cookware, achieving a heat transfer efficiency of up to 90%, which is twice as much as conventional cookers (at only 40%)
  • Cooking is 1/3 faster than conventional cookers
  • Saves at least 30% on energy*

*For preparing a typical meal of 3 dishes and a Chinese soup (2-hour slow-boiled soup)

3. Easy to Install and Save Space

  • For twin-zone induction cookers under 2800W, simply Plug N Cook with an independent 13A socket (a standard household socket)
  • For 20A / 30A models or for those who do not have an independent socket near your cooker, IC suppliers can provide measurement and door-to-door installation services for the below models^







Supplier can provide measuring service and door-to-door installation for above models.

  • Easy to control, simply press the power button and the power control button and you can start cooking right away
  • The flat cooktop provides extra space on the kitchen worktop* - the most practical way for saving space in small kitchens

^ Cost is extra. Please contact IC retailers for more information.

* Avoid placing large metallic objects such as metal cans on the cooktop.

4. Safe, Reliable and Easy to Clean

  • When the cookware is overheated (for example dry boiling) or removed, the cookers will be switched off automatically (switch off time varies in different models). With a temperature preset and timer, the induction cookers can also be set to power-off automatically, so they are safe and hassle-free
  • All touch-controlled induction cookers are equipped with 2 different switches (power button and power control button) for turning on the induction cooker to prevent inadvertent turn-on and turn-off
  • The sleek flat top design only requires a simple wipe clean. There will be no more blocked burners or no need to dismantle and clean any components

5. Tasty Cooking

  • Even heat distribution means less oil is needed when cooking. Fast heat transfer seals the moisture inside the food for tastier and more nutritious meals
  • An induction cooker with a power rating of 2000W gives you the same savory effect as traditional wok cooking
  • Induction cookers are perfect for all types of cooking - stir frying, deep frying, stewing, braising or even boiling Chinese soup


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