1. Does storage type water heater consume less energy than instantaneous type water heater?

There is no difference in the amount of electricity consumption between the two types of water heater.

2. Any requirement to note when choosing instantaneous or storage type water heater?

If 3-phase power is available (as in most new built village houses), an instantaneous 3 phase water heater would be a great choice. If the living flat is designed with single-phase power, a storage type water heater is more suitable.

3. Considering the multiple benefits of an instantaneous water heater, why isn't it suitable for all families?

Instantaneous water heater requires 3-phase power, which is not always available in every apartment. Most new built village houses are equipped with three-phase power, so 3-phase instantaneous water heater can be installed. However, the electricity supply design (single-phase or 3-phase) in an apartment depends on the decision of the developer.

Residents living in apartments with single-phase power can either choose to install a centralised electric water heater with a capacity of about 25-38 litres, or a shower storage type water heater with a capacity of 18 litres.


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