Energy efficient

Purchase model with Grade 1 Energy Label issued by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) to save energy costs

Designs and volumes

2 door – Freezer compartment at the top and refrigerator compartment at the bottom. Ideal for small families

3 door – Unique features such as the crisper or temperate zone cater specially to people who are concerned about healthy eating

Side-by-side/multi door – Equipped with additional feature like an automatic ice maker. Some newer models even have a built-in television. Contemporary design fits modern luxury homes

Functions & design

Buying Guide

•Compare the style, freezing capacity, energy label and other special features of different brands and models

•Be aware of the warranty period and the after-sales services provided, especially for items that are not covered

Automatic ice maker

  • Decide if you need an automatic ice maker

Glass shelves

  • Select glass shelves that can be adjusted and removed for easy cleaning

Size of the racks

  • Check the size of the racks on the door and see if they can accommodate standing beverage bottles, if necessary

Fridge volume

Take into consideration the number of people in your household, how often you visit the supermarket each week and the amount of food that needs to be stored before deciding on the volume of your refrigerator. Determine the maximum size of your refrigerator to allow sufficient space at the back for ventilation and for the door to open fully

Freezing capacity

The freezing capacity of a refrigerator is classified as 3-star or 4-star. According to ISO standards

•3-star – Maintains temperature at -18℃ to prevent the growth of bacteria in food

•4-stat – It is a 3-star frozen food compartment with added capacity of freezing a specific amount of foodstuff within 24 hours to -18℃


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