Energy Efficient

Remember to purchase models with a Grade 1 or Grade A Energy Label issued by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) or European Union (EU) respectively to save energy costs

Three categories


  • Good washing and drying performance and more energy efficient. The top surface can also be used for other purposes. Using low foam detergent is recommended


  • Compact and space-saving design. Easier to load and unload without the need to bend or squat. Clothes can be pit in or taken out during a wash cycle


  • Suitable for the budget conscious as they are priced much lower than other machine types

Check the source of power, water and position of the drain

Washer and dryers have either a high or low water outlet position. Automatic washers are more convenient than semi-automatic ones.

Choose a suitable washer according to your laundry load

A washer with a capacity 5 - 7 kg is enough for household use

Dry capacity is typically half of the washing capacity

Tumble-dried VS Air-dried

Clothes dry faster in the dryer than in the open air. Electric dryers are suitable for convenience - conscious consumers

Easy to use and maintain

Detergent container and lint filter

  • Can be easily removed for cleaning

The door

  • Easy to open and close. A larger drum mouth allows easier loading and unloading

A digital LCD screen that indicates which cycle the machine has reached and the time remaining


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