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Learn greener lifestyle as simply as we learn + - x ÷

Join the CLP Eco Home’s “Smart Living • Smart Use of Energy” interactive tour now! Learn and discover new ways to use and save more energy!

  • + Gain knowledge of energy efficiency
  • - Reduce carbon emissions for the next generation
  • x Discover more about your electricity consumption (W x T = kWh)
  • ÷ Get rid of bad habits on energy use

Activity highlights:

1. Preview the latest energy-saving technologies and products from around the globe

The tour will showcase some of the latest energy-saving products from countries like the U.S., Germany and Korea, including:

  • The first plug that can be controlled remotely by mobile phone and monitor an appliance’s energy use. It becomes an energy-saving helper to calculate your electricity tariff and manage your energy use better
  • The new generation of OLED lighting products, first time debuted in the exhibition
  • Exclusive demonstration of the energy-efficient and water-saving shower gadget
  • Innovative ways to generate electricity and reduce carbon emission through exercises

2. Compete in the very latest interactive multimedia missions

The exhibition features a variety of games, some of which use motion-sensing and touchscreen technologies. These will test your knowledge on electricity use, and let you compete with others – the perfect mix of learning and fun! Games include:

  • Top Ranking Energy-Consuming Appliances
  • Smart Energy Cyclists
  • 1kWh Power Match
  • Wiping out Bad Energy Habits

3.Get your scores instantly and win fabulous prizes

Participants can get their mission points instantly via mobile phone, and share eco-friendly tips on social media. The winner can have a chance to take an exciting “energy-saving reward” home, such as a smart home control plug (RSP: HK$448) and other green gadgets. While stock lasts.

Video (In Cantonese):

Start the low-carbon journey and win fabulous prizes!

Activity details:

  • Venue: CLP Eco Home, 188 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, Kowloon
  • Opening Hours: Mon - Sun, 11:00 am - 7:00 pm (except public holidays)
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Places available: 15-40 persons
  • Fee: Free of charge

Schools and groups are welcome to join. To enquire or register, please contact us:

Tips for extra bonus points:

Complete the following tasks and capture the screen before the tour, you will be rewarded with extra points!

  1. Register for CLP green bill
  2. Register for Eco Power 360


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