Choi Wing Nga

Use a pressure cooker for making soups to shorten the cooking time.

Richard Pang

While watching TV, use the USB port of TV to recharge your mobile phone.

Chu Allison

Use semi-transparent blinds to filter out strong sunlight and heat on sunny days.

Tsui Chi Wai

Use products with timer switch which turns off themselves after a set period of time.

Lee Wing Kin

Wash the filter of dehumidifier frequently

Mok Chung Kit

Physically turn off electronic appliances instead of using remote control, which only put the devices on standby mode.

Ma Yee Ki

Use curtain to shield away excessive sunlight - room temperature will be lowered without using an air conditioner.

Saima BiBi

Using compact fluorescent light bulbs allow us to save more energy than traditional light bulbs.


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