Highly energy efficient with low carbon production

“Eco-Source” Electric Water Heater is a technology that harvests thermal energy from the air, water, solar, or ground sources, which is different from the traditional water heaters that directly heat the water. Driven by a compressor, this system picks up outdoor thermal energy and transfers it to the water through a heat exchanger, a process that uses exceptionally low electricity consumption, and a significant and modern way for energy saving.

The advantages

✓ Picks up eco-friendly thermal energy from the air, reducing CO2 emission

✓ Saves up to 60% of energy, compared to traditional water heaters, a significant energy usage reduction, yet achieved in an environmentally-friendly way

✓Coefficient of Performance (COP) rating of at least 3, or interpreted as, one unit of electricity can produce 3 units of heating energy, energy efficiency that is superior to ordinary water heaters

✓ No burning required, ensuring household safety

✓ Low power requirement, only ordinary single-phase power supply needed

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