How does it work and what are the benefits?

With the innovative "Inverter" technology, a stable system can be built for variable operations that adjusts power capacity precisely and automatically. This avoids frequent on-off of the appliance that in return results in greater energy saving, in comparison to a non-inverter appliance. This technology is now widely adopted with outstanding performance, from air-conditioners / reverse cycle air conditioners, refrigerators, washers to microwave ovens, and air purifiers.


The inverter technology has been incorporated in many different products today:

Microwave oven

✓ Energy saving

✓ Even cooking power

✓ Shortening defrost time


✓ Energy saving

✓ Freezing in shorter time

✓ Retaining freshness

Air-conditioner / Reverse cycle air conditioner

✓ Energy saving

✓ Quiet operation

✓ Precise control for optimal temperatures

✓ Optimal cooling and heating adjustments

Air purifier

✓ Energy saving

✓ Quiet operation

✓ Optimising air quality

Washing machine

✓ Energy saving

✓ Quiet operation

✓ Reducing time used for washing operation


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