CLP is installing smart meters to all its customers to encourage energy saving and promote a smarter and low-carbon living. With a smart meter for your home, you can benefit from a greener lifestyle like never before. Now you can access your electricity consumption data anytime, anywhere, and get personalised notifications using the CLP app to track your energy use and manage your costs smartly.

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Live a Smarter and Greener Lifestyle with Smart Meter

Timely Consumption

Allows you to instantly access your latest electricity consumption data anywhere, anytime, and to track any changes in your energy use. You can read your per-bill consumption data for the past 14 months, as well as hourly data over the past 90 days up to 12 hours ago, using the CLP app or website. By learning more about your consumption patterns, you can manage your energy use smartly and save energy effectively. You can also download consumption data from the CLP website. 

Forecast and Energy Management

Helps you forecast your consumption and the approximate amount of your next electricity bill, based on your latest energy use. It also allows you to understand detailed energy consumption and to manage your costs, using the CLP app and website. 

Customised Consumption Alerts*

Gives you greater control over your electricity bill, and peace of mind thanks to pre-set projected consumption alerts and unusual consumption alerts to let you know your projected energy consumption and bill and inform you of any unusually high levels of energy consumption.

Power Outage Alert Notifications^

Keeps you closely informed of any power outages caused by supply network abnormalities. You will receive alerts by notifications through the CLP app*, by SMS message, or by email.

Efficient Move-in and Move-out Services

Faster move-in and move-out services is enabled when you change address, because meter data can be accessed automatically when you have a smart meter.

*To receive alerts, notifications should be enabled on the CLP app.

^Excludes incidents caused by failure of customers’ equipment, and planned power outages.

Watch the videos to see how you can manage your energy consumption from the palm of your hand, and enjoy the benefits of a smart meter in your daily life.

Smart Meter Benefits

Timely Consumption

Power Outage Alert Notifications

Projected Consumption

Download the CLP App to Enjoy Exclusive Smart Meter Benefits

You can enjoy a new level of e-Services now with the new CLP app. Watch the below video now to find out more.

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Update Your Contact Information

To enjoy the benefits of smart meters, please make sure your contact details are up to date.

Option 1: Download the CLP app and update your personal information.  

Option 2: Log in to your online account through the CLP website and update your contact details.

Option 3: Complete the eForm.

Option 4: Send an email to [email protected] containing the following information:

    • Electricity account number and registered address

    • Name of registered customer

    • Mobile phone number

    • Email address

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I getting a smart meter, and when will it be installed?

CLP is installing smart meters for all its customers between now and 2025 to provide a range of new digitalised services and solutions that will encourage energy saving. The smart meters will also support Hong Kong’s transformation into a smart city. The rollout schedule is based on factors including the age of existing meters, the cost efficiency of replacement works, and supply reliability in different areas. Customers will be kept informed about the progress of the rollout. Click here for further details.

2. What will happen when my old meter is replaced with a smart meter?

CLP will read your old meter before it is replaced. Your electricity supply will be suspended for less than 30 minutes while the meter is replaced, and will resume as soon as the process is complete.

3. What new services will my new smart meter provide?

Traditional meters only record electricity consumption. Smart meters are connected to a communication system that provides customers with the instant access to the latest available electricity consumption information. It also provides alerts about power outages because of supply network irregularities, excluding incidents caused by a failure of customers’ equipment or planned outages. Customers can receive alerts through the CLP app, or by SMS or email.

4. How accurate is the electricity consumption data recorded by smart meters?

Normally, smart meter customers can view their hourly electricity consumption for the past 90 days, up to 12 hours ago. Data transmission depends upon factors including internet connectivity and network coverage. The data shown is for reference only and the actual usage shown in the electricity bill will prevail in the event of any discrepancy. The installation of the smart meter will not lead to any difference in the amount charged in an electricity bill.

5. How can residential customers with smart meters monitor their consumption data?

Customers with smart meters can access the latest available consumption data through the CLP app or website, including their daily and per-bill consumption over the past 14 months, as well as hourly data for the past 90 days up to 12 hours ago. Customers can also log on to the CLP website to access their consumption data.


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