Ever wondered how come your feline overlord is giving you the cold shoulder? Let me tell you, that could be because your home does not have the perfect decoration!

1. Climb and hide … in a cool and energy-efficient way

It’s only normal that cats love climbing around and we should try our very best to accommodate our tuna-eating furball’s jumpy lifestyle. By simply mounting a shelf or two on a wall, we can create a climbing system for the little kitties to easily navigate around home. We can even place some cooling mats on the shelves to save us from keeping the air conditioner on 24/7. It’s not only a good way to save energy but also a way to make sure our cute furry master would stay breezy all day! Meanwhile, there should also be spaces for them to hide, as we all know they love to play hide-and-seek!

2. Choosing scratch-proof furniture – low maintenance and environmentally-friendly

Cats need to sharpen their claws. To prevent Their Majesties from putting on a wreak havoc on your furniture, we can put up cat scratchers at their frequent scratching spots, or choose furnitures made by scratch-proof material, they last longer means more environmentally friendly to our environment !

3. Kitties and electric wires under the same roof

Cats are natural born predators, almost all of them find electric cords and wires a pleasant chewing sensation. However, we all know it is unsafe! To protect our innocent masters, we cat slaves should know where to hide the cords, or simply put on wire protectors to disguise this chewy temptation!

4. Entertaining Kitty Purry remotely and energy efficiently by using smart gadgets!

Feeling guilty of being too busy for your cat? You can easily solve the problem and start communicating with those furry paws by using smart appliances. Quit having the drinking fountain on like a little scenery at home. By installing gadgets like smart camera and plugs at home, you can have control of the fountain and feeder, anytime, anywhere, using just your smartphone or tablet! It is easy and energy-saving and you can keep your beloved Paw McCartney happy at all times even when you are not around!


It is simple to create a tight bond between you and your cat, at the same time, give yourself a much easier life, by adding a few smart appliances at home! The recent furnished Smart [email protected] Kok - featuring a full range of high-end smart gadgets, where you can go for a detailed demonstration and give the products a try!

Smart Energy[email protected] Kok

Address: 188 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok, Kowloon (Former Mong Kok Eco Home)

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 11:00am-7:00pm (Except Public Holidays)


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