As the weather gets more humid, black spots of mould might appear on walls or other surfaces. Are there any natural ways to be mould proof during such humid season?

1. Keep washing machines mould proof with vinegar

Though washing machines appear to be fairly clean, it might have accumulated dirt from clothes and residue of washing powders, softeners in the laundry sink, resulting in proliferation of mould spores or bacteria. We might eventually develop skin allergy due to the mould and bacteria on our washed clothes.

To avoid the accumulation of mould in washing machines, clean the plastic door seals with vinegar solution regularly. Also cleanse the machines by run an empty laundry with vinegar, followed by another run with only water. Do not forget to open the machine door for drying the moisture!

2. Sweep away mould stains from the ceiling with stockings

We all might have one or two tricks to get rid of mould stains on walls, though how should we handle those from the ceiling? Tied cotton-filled stockings on a broomstick, slowly sweep from the center of ceiling to the edge, the static electricity generated by the stocking will remove the mould.

3. Clean cracks and clits with used toothbrushes

Used toothbrushes are great tools for cleaning, so please do not throw them away immediately! With tiny bit of toothpaste on a toothbrush, you could easily wipe the stinks and mould from slits between tiles or those between smaller electrical appliances.

4. Utilise small electrical appliances to remove moist between slits

It is common to found residue moisture in appliances such as rick cookers and kettles. Black spots of mould might begin to form in them in case we do not use them frequently. The mould stains not only affect appearance of appliances, but also affect the health of users. Hence, we should regularly clean the frequently used appliances. For those not often used ones, wipe away moisture with dry cloths to keep the appliances dry!


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