Build your chic and cozy home with trendy electrical appliances

What is the best way to prepare your boutique home with limited budget? You might want to find out more about the following trendy items:

1. Housekeeping assistants: vacuum and window-cleaning robots

Do not want a messy home? Let’s purchase a robot vacuum, which could sweep your floor while you are watching TV. A gentle reminder - tidy up all the wirings before using the robot vacuum. Furthermore, you could get a window-cleaning robot for more assistance as well!

2. How to enjoy a beauty sleep?

Many brands have already launches smart light bulbs or similar products, allowing users to adjust level of brightness via mobile App. They could also pre-set timer, change scenarios based on various atmospheres. Adopting light shade curtains could protect your privacy while allowing natural sunlight to shine through. You might be able to sleep better with the help of an aroma machine/humidifier!

What type of lights should be installed in different rooms? Below graphs would be your guideline:

Living room

  • Type: LED droplight
  • Pros: enable brightness adjustment, energy saving
  • Colour: Soft white
  • Other tips:
  • Place a lamp on dining table, balcony or on shelves. Floor lamps could also be place near sofa or reading chair


  • Type: LED ceiling light
  • Pros: enable brightness adjustment, prevent over-brightness at night
  • Colour: Soft warm light
  • Other tips: Place bedside lamp for late night washroom trips. Install lights in wardrobes

Children room

  • Type: WarmGlow wall lights or ceiling light
  • Pros: enable brightness adjustment, protect children’ eyes from glare or eye strain
  • Colour: Soft warm light
  • Other tips: Light switch could be installed closer to the bed, allowing them to turn on lights for late night washroom trips. Opt for lights with detachable parts or those without poisonous coating

Wise selection of cooking appliances

Opt for induction cooker, as flame cooking is a much warmer process! A cooking enthusiast could also install a steam oven, which supports all kinds of cooking methods, ranging from barbeque, baking to slow cook. Microwave and oven are no longer needed once you have a steam oven! (See next article)

One final tips is that, you could save even more energy by using appliances with timers! Review your energy distribution through CLP Eco Power 360, you could earn the Eco Rewards while saving energy, resulting in more gifts through Eco Rewards Scheme! Click here and join now!

Tips for choosing home appliances

  • Steam oven offer more cooking methods than microwave
  • Cooking with induction cooker is more comfortable than flame cooking
  • Use light shade curtains which could maintain privacy while letting sunlight to shine through
  • Opt for appliances with timers to save energy


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