The golden rule for cooking at tiny flat that saves space and money

Many might rent a small flat and cook at home to save more for future. Living in an apartment a bit larger than a 140-square-feet “nano flat” at a size of a car parking space, you might start questioning: How can I make home cooking happen in such a small space?

Tip #1: DIY a twin-zone Induction Cooker

Is a twin-zone or two single-zone Induction Cookers cheaper? The latter is correct. A single-zone costs less than $1000 and more than a triple for a twin-zone design. Due to magnetic induction, heat is generated at the bottom of the pan, which is 50% more energy efficient than conventional gas cooking. Moreover, money on air conditioning is saved by avoiding the spread of heat from kitchen to other area of your home!

Tip #2: Use multifuction steam oven

It’s never an easy task to get all dishes ready at the same time even if an induction cooker lends a helping hand. Unlike conventional oven, steam oven is recommended because of its multiple functions, including steaming, baking and keeping temperature. This space-saving cooking appliances helps to keep ingredients juice and healthy and saves more energy than the traditional way of steaming over water! What a cost effective and eco-friendly option!

Who says cooking isn’t possible at nano flat? All you need is picking the right cooking appliances!


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