Kitchen makeover: From open kitchen to induction cooker

If you want to try your hand at hosting dinner or drinks at home, a modern yet functional open kitchen is a fantastic idea. What should be considered when you remodel a kitchen?

Step 1: How to remove walls and cabinets?

Make sure your alternation does not involve a load-bearing wall and hire a remodelling contractor for wall removal. You will enjoy natural light and circulation once the kitchen is renovated! A freestanding kitchen cabinet can make the most of your storage space. Its top will also serve as a breakfast bar where you can chat with your guests as you cook!

Step 2: Induction Cooker VS Conventional stove

How to cook at ease without making the kitchen greasy and sticky? An induction cooker is the answer!. It keeps the kitchen 5-6 degree cooler than using traditional stove, thanks to the direct heat transfer from the entire bottom of the pan. Oil, smoke, tar and toxic gas will also be reduced as no gas is burned by induction cooking.

Step 3: Request for an inspection before installing built-in induction cooker

An independent 13A electric socket is good enough for an induction cooker rated below 2800W. When it comes to renovation, built-in induction cooker is preferred for easy cleaning. You can consult supplier such as CLP which offers one-stop service from pre-installed inspection to installation. Simple and fast!

Installation Tip #1: Ensure adequate space for power cord and leave at least 4 inches of extra room around the induction cooker for heat dissipation.

Installation Tip #2: Switching from conventional hob to induction cooker, you can pay a little extra to the supplier to build a fence interface if the cut-off size of the kitchen worktop is too large

Step 4: How to select range hood?

Removing grease and fumes from an open kitchen should not be neglected or else your furniture will be put at stake! Select a range hood having the same length as the hob and adequate exhaust volume at 1000 m³/hr or above. For better ventilation, you can install an exhaust fan through the window.

Buying and Installation Guide

  • Ensure the alternation does not involve a load bearing wall
  • Before carrying out renovations, consult building professionals and make a formal application for alteration
  • Ensure there are at least 4 inches of extra room around the induction cooker for heat dissipation.
  • Consider installing a fence in case the cut-out size of kitchen worktop is too large to fit the dimension of induction cooker
  • If you have selected a 20A or 30A induction cooker (which requires independent circuit), consult your renovation company for concealed cable, general mount-on-service can be provided by a professional supplier such as CLP
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