Tales of electrical leakage induced by dirt and moisture  5 safety tips on using electricity at home

My latest scare was on the previous weekend, during which my dear mother saw smoke coming out from electrical socket! Fortunately everyone was safe as no accident happened. Upon thorough inspection, culprit of the almost-electrical-leakage incident was the accumulated dirt and constant moist in the kitchen. As such, below are the 5 safety tips which I have reminded my mother on using electricity at home:

Clean up electric sockets and sweep away dirt from appliances

While we are all diligent on tidying up our homes, sockets on the back of large electrical appliances like refrigerators and televisions could be easily overlooked. The gathered dirt and dust might induce short circuit, resulting in accidents.

Beware of moist in kitchen

Likelihood of electrical leakage increases when dirt meets moist! The steam from cooking fills the kitchen with moisture and electrical leakage might happen without proper handling. Turn on the fan to maintain air circulation in the kitchen. Wipe appliances like rice cookers with dry cloths to absorb residue moisture and reduce risk of leakage.

Reserve space for ventilation

Avoid placing too much stuff around large electrical appliances and do not place them too close to the wall. This could allow sufficient space for ventilation and to prevent appliances from over-heating. Also avoid direct sunlight.

Be mindful of damaged wiring

Never underestimate damaged wiring, which could lead to electrical leakage! Change damaged wires or wrap exposed ones with plastic wire tape. For homes with pets, pay attention if animals have the tendency to bite wires.

Heating products are usual triggers of accidents

As comfortable as it might seem, avoid using the heater at the same spot for a long period of time to prevent over-hearing. Turn it off for every 8 to 10 hours to prevent abnormal operation.

After learning all the above safety tips, you may go ahead to participate in CLP’s Eco Rewards Scheme to be an expert in energy saving!


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