Manage your refrigerator - the amazing organising skills from Japanese housewives

Japanese housewives are famous for their extraordinary organsing skills, with many of them often share their techniques on social media platforms. Recently we have come across with an Instagram account of a Japanese mum Tomoa(IG: demonstrates some useful organising tips. Below are some of the extracts:

Tip 1: Keep the refrigerator only 80% full

Best to keep your refrigerator around 80% full, otherwise it might not be cool enough with too much food, and in turns increases electricity consumption.

Tip 2: Vegetables that could not be stored in refrigerators

In fact, not every food could be stored in the refrigerator. Check out the official website of Vegetable Marketing Organization for more tips!

Tip 3: How to store vegetables into refrigerators?

Tip 4: Utilising compartments and shelves

Despite the limited space in refrigerators, one could always maximise storage capacity with some small tricks. Japanese mum Tomoa would store all the seasonings in separate labelled glass bottles, and keep them in the trays behind refrigerator doors. We also recommend vertical alignment of stored items in the refrigerator to ensure a clear vision of everything upon opening the door.

Don’t forget to make use of the humidity drawers, which are usually located in the eye-level spot in the refrigerators. You could store the most frequently used ingredients in these drawers. For family with elderly, you may place their needed food in the above drawer, enabling them to get the food without the need to bend over. Vegetable drawers could reduce water loss from fruits and vegetables, maintaining the freshness of food.

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Tips for refrigerator energy saving:

  • Optimal temperature of refrigerator is 3°C and freezer is -15°C
  • Avoid setting the refrigerator to an unnecessarily low temperature as an extra 5% energy is consumed with every 1°C lowered.
  • Reduce energy consumption by avoiding frequent open and close of refrigerator doors.
  • Best to keep the refrigerator 80% full to ensure proper circulation of cool air within.


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