Time for a clean sweep! 5 natural ways to clean your refrigerator

Don’t forget to clean your refrigerator during your year-end clean sweep! The refrigerator might have accumulated a funny smell with more and more food got stocked in it. You could follow the below 5 steps for a more natural cleaning method instead of using a strong chemical cleanser:

Step one: Prepare natural cleanser

Soda powder, vinegar, salt and water are the prefect natural cleansers, which could be easily found in the supermarket! Tools including towels, sponges and brushes are also needed. Once you have all the above materials and tools, you could take out all the food and chuck away those expired from the refrigerator and unplug it from the power.

Step two: Use “vinegar and salt solution” to banish stinks

After taking out the shelves, we could use vinegar and salt solution for cleaning. Vinegar could deodorise the unpleasant smell while salt could disinfect. Prepare the solution with 1 portion of vinegar: 2 portion of salt: 3 portion of cool water. Dip it with sponge to wipe the stinks within the refrigerator, and wipe with water twice afterwards.

Step three: Avoid using wet cloth on ventilation grids

While we should not leave out the ventilation grid, we need to avoid wiping it with a wet cloth, which might result in rusting. Use vacuum to clean the grid instead.

Step four: Toothpaste for door seals

It is common to find mold around door seal. Apart from using the “vinegar and salt solution” to clean the mold, toothpaste and toothbrush could be helpful. A reminder to wipe the door seal with water after cleaning.

Step five: Organic deodorants

While it is convenient to use cleanses from the supermarket, those chemicals make them less ideal for maintaining an optimum condition in the fridges where fresh food are usually stored. In fact, lemon, tealeaves and coffee grounds are natural deodorants. You could also dry the used tealeaves could deodorise the fridges, dried coffee grounds could also achieve deodorising result similar to that by activated charcoal. The simplest way is to put sliced lemon into the fridges!

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, let’s all be helpful daughters and sons to assist our mothers on cleaning our flats and fridges!


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