Who doesn’t want to enjoy a nice warm shower after a long day of work? For some, it might be a luxury in winter. A friend of mine once complained about her storage electric water heater (EWH) at home, as her hot showers only lasted for 10 minutes while around 25 minutes were needed to heat up the water beforehand. In fact, such struggle can now be avoided! Introduce to you the “rapid heating EWH” - a water heater which enables us to take nice warm showers, without requiring a prolonged waiting time for the water to be heated up.

To begin with, let us revisit the types of EWH in the below graph:

In case you are interested in experiencing the comfort firsthand, we would encourage you to install a rapid heating EWH as then you could:

1. Take your time for a comfortable shower in winter

Rapid heating EWH can heat up water much faster than the storage EWH. With the new technology, rapid heating EWH could increase water temperature by 20 degrees in 5 minutes! With a water-saving shower head installed, one could enjoy a nice 30-minute shower.

2. Save water, energy, as well as cost

Rapid heating EWHs would not be limited by water pressure. With aid from water-saving air jet shower heads, showering with rapid heating EWHs could save up to 5 liters of water per minute, saving energy, water, as well as your money. Take a family of four as an illustration – they could save up to HK$1,000 a year!

3. No more suffering from water temperature fluctuation

One might argue that we could also enjoy the instant hot water flow by simply using gas water heaters (GWHs). A gentle reminder - there is limitation on the installation location of GWHs, not to mention its performance might be fluctuated with water pressure (might be turned off due to low water pressure). On the other hand, such issues would not happen on EWHs.

*Subject to factors including water temperature, water flow of shower heads, showering habits and types of individual EWHs.

Tips for installing EWHs:

  • General Power: 3kW, uses 14A current
  • Requires separate electric circuit, cannot use electric plug
  • 2.5mm cable required
  • 20A fuse required for miniature circuit breaker at distribution board
  • Connect to circuit breaker
  • Hire registered electrical workers to install EWHs
  • For install or modify electricity wiring, please check and keep the “Work Completion Certificate” (WR1) issued by registered electrical workers


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