Well-selected essential cookware all-in-one energy saving steam oven

Stocking your kitchen with too many cookwares might be what your partner has complained about! Recently, I’ve had the same experience that my hubby asked me to tidy up the kitchen by donating or sharing these clutters with friends. If I could only keep one kitchenware, this would be a steam oven. Let me tell you why!

1.Multifunctional and space-saving

Having the capability of steaming, baking and grilling all-in-one, a freestanding steam oven can definitely fit in the nano flats in Hong Kong!

2. Healthy and tasty dishes

Being able to adjust the desired cooking temperature, steam oven allows the meat to be cooked thoroughly and tender. While many might think the convenience to reheat food via microwave oven is alluring, the food itself might get dried out easily, with a potential to cause cancer. Unlike microwave oven, using steam oven can keep the food healthy, and revive the dried-out food!

3. Energy saving

According to the comparison made by Consumer Council, steam oven consumed 50% less energy than the traditional way of steaming over water via electrical oven! Assuming daily usage at a cost of $1.2 per unit of electricity, $124 can be saved annually by using steam oven.

*To save more energy, you can turn off the oven 5 mins earlier and get the food cooked through the residual heat.

Tips to select steam oven:

  • As heating tubes take up some space inside the oven, please pay attention to the usable capacity, instead of the overall dimension upon purchase.
  • Beware of Preheat time which could be varied by a double among different models.
  • For families with kids, steam oven equipped with children's safety function can be considered

Consumer Council Report August 2017:https://www.consumer.org.hk/ws_chi/news/press/490/steam-ovens.html


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