Equal Opportunity Employer Award in Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity Employer Award in Family Status Equality

CLP Holdings has earned two Equal Opportunity Employer Awards respectively in Gender Equality and Family Status Equality in the inaugural Equal Opportunity Employer Recognition Scheme organised by the Equal Opportunities Commission. The awards are given to recognise organisations that have excelled in the implementation of equal opportunities employment policies in the workplace. We were assessed from the lens of being strategic by demonstrating commitment and leadership; being proactive by putting in place policies and measures; being innovative and sustainable by adopting new approaches and aiming for long-term; and being impactful by delivering benefits to both within and outside the Company.

At CLP, we are committed to providing safe, healthy and secure work environments that are free from discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, physical or mental state, race, nationality, religion, age, family status or sexual orientation. These awards are welcome recognition of the efforts made to meet these commitments and objectives.

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