Rewiring Works for Subdivided Units

CLP Power Connect Support for Subdivided Units Household Scheme offers subsidies for the landlords of subdivided units to carry out rewiring works needed for the installation of individual electricity meters to improve home safety and the living conditions of subdivided unit tenants. 

Eligibility (Applicants must fulfil all the following conditions)

  • The applicant must be the landlord of a subdivided unit which is in a building with CLP electricity supply.
  • The concerned unit is currently divided as subdivided units and no CLP individual electricity meter has been installed in the beneficiary households.
  • Each subdivided unit has individual door and the landlord has obtained consent from the owner of the rising mains regarding the rewiring works.
  • The applicant must obtain the consent from the registered customer of CLP for the rewiring works in case the applicant is not the registered customer of the concerned unit.
  • The tenant is living in adverse conditions.
  • Only one application can be made for each dwelling address.

Application Process

  • The applicant should present an electricity bill and should make their application through a designated CLP community partner.
  • CLP will appoint a contractor to arrange a site condition survey upon receipt of the application.
  • On approval by CLP, all works will be handled by registered electrical contractors, who will handle rewiring, inspection of devices, and the issuing of work completion certificates. CLP will then install individual electricity meters for the subdivided units.

For Detail

  • Please call 2678 6725.
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