Goal Low Carbon – Enjoy Green Rewards

Switch to e-Services to go green and earn rewards through our new Goal Low Carbon Programme! Complete missions to earn Domeo points, and join our THANKSGIVING event for valuable discounts and more. Get started now!

Domeo Points Earned

500 points for the first time set up

500 points for first-time subscription, and 100 points for each eBill notification

Latest Domeo Point Redemption Offers

*Product details and redemption points are for reference only and subject to change without prior notice. ​​Limited quantities while stock lasts​.

Earn Double Asia Miles! Redeem 100 Asia Miles to Enjoy Extra 100 Miles

400 points


Hoi Tin Tong Integrated Discount Coupon(Total value $320)                                                                                               

100 points


Indomie - Mi Goreng Instant Noodles (85g x 5 Bags) (RTP:$12.5)

300 points


Fairwood - HK$10 Cash Voucher

450 points


A-1 Bakery HK$30 e-Coupon                    

800 points


Snapware Pyrex -  Eco Pure Food Storage Container Set (Retail Price: $138)              

888 points 


*You are also eligible for the THANKSGIVING if you have already set up your online account and/or subscribed to ebill notification before the e-Tasks Completion Period. 


#Domeo is the flagship eCommerce platform of CLPe Commerce and a reward programme for Hong Kong citizens. Domeo offers home products and services with excellent shopping experience. You have to link your CLP online account with Domeo account to use the Domeo Points in Domeo. 


THANKSGIVING will be hosted in Domeo Site. Before the event, you can register a Domeo account to enjoy the shopping experience. 


You can earn Domeo Points by completing the e-tasks* below. In addition, if you have completed all e-tasks, you will be invited to our THANKSGIVING in January and February 2023 to enjoy up to 50% off discount at Domeo#.  ​

How to earn Domeo ePass to THANKSGIVING

If you do not have an online account, please follow the instructions to set up your account.​

If you already have an online account, please log in at least once within the e-Tasks Completion Period for the entitlement of THANKSGIVING.​​

Benefits : ​

  1. Minimize the usage of paper​
  2. Collect the eBill conveniently ​
  3. Manage the account clearly

You may subscribe eBill notification here. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to subscribe.  

  1. Log in to the CLP Power Mobile App or website 
  2. Tap “Profile” of the menu
  3. Tap “Subscribe / edit eBill notification
  4. Input the email address you wish to receive the notification form and submit

Please note that you are required to use ebill notification consistently during the e-Tasks Completion Period after your subscription for THANKSGIVING.​

How to check if you have already set up eBill notification?

If one or more email addresses are listed with an “edit” button (as shown above), you have already subscribed eBill notification. You receive the eBill notification via the provided email address. ​

If you see a screen asking to confirm/add more new email address and indicate the agreement to subscribe eBill (as shown above), you have not yet subscribed to eBill notification. ​


Please note that you are not regarded as mission completed if you receive both paper bill and eBill notification at the same time. Respective customers may contact our customer service center via eForm to change the settings.

Benefits : ​

  1. Receive a 30% discount on your initial security deposit (Bank Autopay residential customers only).​
  2. Avoid late payment charges and manual transactions through automatic bill payments.​
  3. Apply for free, value-added payment services such as Payment alert and eReceipt.

You may register eAutopay here. Alternatively, you can

  1. Log in your online account. 
  2. Tap “Profile” 
  3. Tap “eAutopay Application” 

You can also check for other channels to apply.

Benefits : ​

  1. Look up all your past payment records at the push of a button​
  2. Customers can now settle electricity bills with a wide choice of payment service providers​
  3. Get rewards in promotions launched by service providers​

Eligible mobile and ePayment methods – Faster Payment System (FPS), AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK, Internet Banking, PPS and ATM.

You can refer to the Payment Methods for more details.

*Terms & Conditions applies to the PPS Promotion.

You must use mobile payment or ePayment to settle at least one bill that requires payment within the e-Task Completion Period to be eligible for THANKSGIVING. If you use autopay, please maintain its setup by the end of the e-Task Completion Period. ​

Programme Timeline


21 Jul – 31 Dec 2022

Complete the e-tasks with a valid electricity account.

09 Jan – 13 Jan 2023

Customers entitled to the THANKSGIVING will be contacted via email. Details of the event will be provided.

16 Jan – 12 Feb 2023

THANKSGIVING will be hosted on Domeo’s website.


To qualify for Goal Low Carbon Programme, you must: ​

  • Be a residential customer living within the supply area of CLP POWER; and​
  • Have a valid electricity account number to complete the e-tasks. The same electricity account should still be valid until the end of the THANKSGIVING. 

More information

1. When will I receive the Domeo Points?

Domeo Points credit date

First-time log in and bind CLP online account

Within 7 working days after successful log in and account binding

Subscribe to eBill Notification

Within 2 working days after successful subscription

Per eBill Notification you received

Within 2 working days after receiving the eBill notification

Use autopay, mobile or other ePayment methods

Domeo Points earned from autopay, mobile or other e-payment methods between 21 July and 30 September 2022 will be distributed in batches between 31 October 2022 and 31 January 2023.

2. How could I check if the e-task has been completed or not?

You may refer to the “How to earn the Domeo ePass to THANSKGIVNG” session of the programme webpage and follow the guidelines. 

3. If I set up the autopay for payment while the bill amount is zero, can I earn Domeo Points and is it counted as completing the e-task?

To earn Domeo Points, you must settle a bill that requires payment. If the autopay setup is maintained by the end of the e-Task Completion Period, it will still be considered a completed e-task.

4. If the transaction failed via autopay, can I still earn Domeo Points and is it counted as completing the e-task?

Unfortunately, you cannot earn Domeo Points for the bill since the payment has not been settled yet. However, it is still considered a completed e-task if the autopay setup is maintained by the end of e-Task Completion Period.

5. If I have more than 1 electricity account and I have completed the e-tasks required for each account, do I enjoy more offer than people with 1 electricity account only?

The whole program is electricity account based. You will enjoy the offers as specified for each electricity account when requirements are fulfilled. 

6. I moved-in in Nov 2022 and will not receive any bills by the end date of  the campaign. How can I complete the eBill e-task and join the THANKSGIVING event?

If you have subscribed to eBill notification and maintained it within the campaign period for e-task, you will be treated as completing the eBill e-task.  

7. Do I need to link my CLP online account with Domeo Account to enjoy the THANKSGIVING event?

You can link your CLP online account with Domeo Account to use your Domeo Points for redemption. You do not need to link your CLP online account with Domeo Account for THANKSGIVING.

8. I have completed all the e-tasks, but I will move home before the campaign end date, or before or during the THANKSGIVING, am I still entitled to the THANKSGIVING?

Only customer who has completed all the required e-tasks and the related electricity account is still valid until the THANKSGIVING end date will receive the invitation. If the customer moves into another residential address within CLP Power’s supply area, he/she must complete all e-tasks again for the new electricity account to be entitled to the THANKSGIVING.

9. What should I do if I do not receive the invitation for the THANKSGIVING event?

Only customer who has completed all the required e-tasks and the related electricity account is still valid until the THANKSGIVING end date will receive the invitation. We will send the invitation via email. Please check your mailbox from to 13 Jan 2023, and make sure your registered email address with us is still valid so that we can reach you. You can now log in to your online account to verify or update your contact if needed. Emails from CLP may have been inadvertently blocked by your email service provider. Please check if the email was in the spam folder.

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