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Energy Trilemma

Like many other countries or regions today, Hong Kong faces significant energy challenges. To promote and protect the local public interest, CLP believes what is needed is a clear policy built on a meticulous analysis and careful balance of supply reliability, environment- friendliness and reasonable tariffs. Each of these three areas in turn comprises a number of key points that need to be acknowledged.

Energy Trilemma Energy Trilemma
Reasonable Tariff
Care for Environment
Secure and Reliable Electricity Supply
Reasonable Tariff
  • Global fossil fuel prices have been very volatile over the past 10 years, posing significant challenges in managing fuel costs.
  • Costs are kept lower with the use of different fuels and different electricity-generating technologies.
  • Changing a set fuel mix nevertheless has some cost implications, as the unit cost for generating electricity with cleaner fuels is generally higher (than with conventional fuels).
Care for Environment
  • Choosing an appropriate fuel mix for Hong Kong in an environmentally responsible manner is important.
  • In the process, more complex challenges also need to be met in the importation of additional fuel from the Mainland, where coal is a marginal fuel.
  • Designated nuclear or renewable energy generation and the related infrastructure need to be available, along with sufficient lead time for delivery, if any undesirable environmental impact is to be avoided.
Reliable and Safe Energy Supply
  • Hong Kong's way of life depends a great deal on a reliable electricity supply.
  • Many developed economies choose to set a minimum proportion of local generating capacity in order to maintain their energy security.
  • Strengthening the interconnection between our territories and importing more clean energy from the Mainland could be considered, as long as there is no impact on supply reliability.