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Cleaner Energy Greener Future

Hong Kong has no indigenous energy resources. Over the decades, optimising the diversity of our fuel choices along with their sources of supply has enabled improvement in our carbon emission reduction and assured a reliable electricity supply for the city at reasonable costs.

A public consultation on the ideal fuel mix for Hong Kong was recently launched by the HKSAR Government. This initiative is obviously essential for the long-term future of the city. As the territory's leading energy provider, CLP is please to provide vital information in the form of facts and figures to facilitate this very important community-wide discussion, and to aid in the formulation of the most appropriate fuel mix policy for Hong Kong.

Download PDF - CLP’s response to the future fuel mix for electricity generation public consultation

Download PDF - Our Energy Vision Towards a Greener Pearl River Delta

If you would like to know more about Government’s consultation paper, or express any opinion, please visit the site.