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Given the increased economic ties between Hong Kong and Mainland China (particularly Guangdong), and to support growth and development of both regions, the setups for electricity generation and transfer in these two areas are becoming more integrated than ever.

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CLP is already securely linked to Guangdong's electricity transmission network, and this allows us to either import nuclear power from Daya Bay or supply power from Hong Kong.
Since 1996, CLP has been receiving natural gas via an 800 km pipeline between Black Point Power Station (BPPS) and Hainan.
In keeping with the Memorandum of Understanding between the National Energy Administration and the HKSAR Government (2008), gas supplies from three new sources in Mainland China are brought in via a 20 km subsea pipeline that connects the supply station in Shenzhen with the new gas-receiving station in BPPS. CLP also began importing natural gas from Central Asia via the 9,000 km second West-to-East Pipeline in 2013.
We are currently exploring new supply options including the development of a new liquefied natural gas terminal in Shenzhen, as well as import of gas from new fields in the South China Sea. Despite the much higher costs involved, these new sources will provide Hong Kong with a long-term supply of clean fuel.
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