Advantages & Considerations



Solar is free of charge

The equipment cost, installation cost and payback period. Payback period can be long. In general, the payback period for a solar panel is more than 50 years and it is over 15 years for a solar water heater


Only functions during the daytime, and output can be very sensitive to weather. For example, output is low on cloudy or rainy days.

Panels have no moving parts and are rather long-lasting

The panels require substantial space. For best results, positioning them at elevation angle of 22.5° facing South direction is needed. A sheltered space is also needed for battery storage.



Energy efficient and low operating cost.

It takes time to heat up the water.

Low power requirement, only ordinary single-phase power supply is needed.

It requires sufficient space for equipment storage.

Taking up eco-friendly thermal energy from the air anytime no matter the weather condition.

Storage space requires good ventilation condition.