Do More With Your Fleet. Go Electric. Start Electrifying Your Fleet

Transitioning your fleet to electric vehicles comes with numerous benefits, but it can appear daunting. Proper planning will help you smoothen the transition in electrifying your fleet. CLP as your EV partner is equipped with the resources and expertise to ensure your fleet electrification is a success. Click the below buttons to find out more on how we can help. 

How we can help

We will help you understand the electrification of company fleets. This includes:

  • Analysing fleet data for travel characteristics and fleet behaviour;
  • Performing simulation to provide information on potential energy demand;
  • Conducting engineering feasibility study including site visits and supply provision arrangement;
  • Formulating the fleet electrification plan to meet your sustainability target by phases;
  • Linking you up with key industry experts for commercial vehicle and charging facility information.

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