Electrical contractors

Learn your responsibilities and download key documents such as our Supply Rules and meter installation guide.

Your responsibilities

As a Registered Electrical Contractor, you are responsible for:

  • Observing our Supply Rules;
  • Referencing the relevant key documents;
  • Attending electrical installation inspections; and
  • Issuing a Work Completion Certificate (WR1) for electrical installation. 

Key documents

Our Supply Rules (PDF), which will be updated from time to time, state the terms and conditions for supplying electricity and shall be applicable to all our customers. 

Download our “Guide To Supply And Metering Arrangement On Customer’s Internal Distribution System” (Version 9 - Sep 2018) (PDF) which lists the supply and metering requirements of a customer’s internal electrical distribution system. It is a key reference for architects, electrical engineers and Registered Electrical Contractors.

Its contents include:

  • Technical requirements of Main Incoming Circuit Breaker (MICB)
  • Dimensional requirements and the provision of communication means of metering equipment
  • Interfacing requirements for New Cable Colour Code
  • Requirements of meter room key

Supporting documents

Depending on the works you plan to carry out, you may refer to the following documents together with our meter installation guide: 

Last updated

Metering design for Feed-in Tariff Scheme

Apr 2018

Our Code of Practice (COP) states the general principles we apply to our distribution substations’ design. This COP covers substations located at ground floor, upper floor (e.g. high rise building), basement and outdoor areas.  

Supporting documents 

Last updated

Jun 2020

Jun 2020




For development which requires high supply capacity, you are required to provide a 132kV transmission plant room inside your premises for housing our 132kV supply plant and equipment. Download typical 132kV transmission plant rooms layout for high load density development (PDF).

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