Our service commitment

We are committed to delivering safe and reliable electricity at a reasonable cost. Find out how we continuously improve our service standards.

Performance standards

We strive to provide our customers with safe, reliable and quality service.  Please refer to the table below for our 2024 targets and 2023 performance:

Performance Standards
2024 Targets
2023 Results

Reliability of electricity supply 


Notify customers 3 working days in advance of planned outage


Average arrival time for loss of supply inspection

<28 minutes#

Average supply restoration time after fault outage 

< 2 hours#

Provide appointments for installation inspections within 3 working days


Carry out site investigation on consumption enquiries within 3 working days


Keep appointments to visit customers for supply applications within a 1.5-hour time slot 


Connect and supply electricity within the same day after satisfactory installation inspection 


Reconnect supply within the same day of payment of outstanding charges 


Answer Emergency Service Hotline by Customer Service Officer within 20 seconds (effective in 2022)

90% of answering time

Answer Enquires Hotline by Customer Service Officer within 20 seconds (effective in 2022)

80% of answering time

Average queuing time for customer service enquiries at Customer Service Centres

Within 3.5 minutes

# Excluding incidents occurred during major events which are specified in the Scheme of Control Agreement. 


Customer and community engagement

About the CCG

We understand the importance of listening to our customers and believe that customers can help us assess quality of our service. In 1992, we formed the CLP Customer Consultative Group (CCG) with the support from Consumer Council. Members of CCG represent a wide spectrum of customers. The number of members has increased from 5 to 15 over the years, to reflect an ever-growing customer base and service variety.


  • To enhance relationship between CLP and its customers
  • To improve customer services, ensuring that interests of all customers are considered
  • To properly deal with customer complaints


  • Exchange ideas and information to ensure interests of residential and business customers are considered and make recommendations where appropriate
  • Examine customer complaints and consider ways and means to reduce incidence of the complaints
  • Monitor the application of the Supply Rules and make proposals for amendments where appropriate
  • Encourage better communication with customers through discussions with appropriate interested groups, with a view to bringing together different points of views

“The Customer Consultative Group (CCG) has come a long way since its inception in 1992 as a consultative and advisory body in furtherance of the relationship between CLP and its customers.


Thanks to the incredible contributions and efforts of the chairpersons and members over the years, CCG has become a strong force working hand in hand with CLP to provide customers with the best quality service and value with a view to enhancing both productivity and efficiency for the benefit of customers.


With a distinguished record of services achieved over the last three decades and the continued support and professional advices from members of CCG in the years ahead, I am confident that CLP will continue to go from good to great in delivering world-class reliability, environmental performance and service excellence to customers and the community at large.”

CCG Members (2023-2025)
*Listed in alphabetical order of surname

CCG Honorary Advisors (2023-2025)

Ir. William Chan, JP
Mr. Anthony Koo
Mr. Li Kai Ming
Mr. Ivan Pong
Dr. Corinna Siu
Mr. Larry Sze
Mr. Clement Tao, BBS, JP
Mr. Simon Wong, BBS, JP
Latest update: 20/11/2023

About the LCAC

14 Local Customer Advisory Committees (LCACs) were formed in 1994 to strengthen customer communication. The committees consist of representatives from different customer segments, such as:  

  • Management professionals;
  • Resident association members;  
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) business owners;
  • Community leaders; and  
  • Rural committee members. 

We have built a trusting relationship with each LCAC over the years. Our members’ timely feedback has helped us to resolve customer concerns. 

Role of LCAC

  • To advise CLP on customer service issues in a distinctive and efficient manner; 
  • To enhance communication between CLP and its customers; 
  • To help promote service initiatives of CLP; and 
  • To support CLP's participation in the local communities.

LCAC members


Mr Yu Hon Kwan, Randy, MH, JP, is the Chairman of Islands CLP Local Customer Advisory Committee and the Appointed Member of Islands District Council. He also serves the community via a number of public service positions, such as the member of District Fire Safety Committee (Islands District), Security Bureau’s Independent Police Complaints Council, Development Bureau’s Lantau Conservation Fund Advisory Committee, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department’s Country and Marine Parks Board, and Home and Youth Affairs Bureau’s Community Investment and Inclusion Fund Committee. He is also the Chairman of both Hong Kong Islands District Association and Islands Community Foundation Association, and the Captain of Islands (Lantau) District Services & Community Care Team. Mr Yu was appointed Justice of the Peace in 2010, awarded a Medal of Honour in 2015, and appointed New Territories Justice of the Peace in 2020. 

Mr Yu graduated from University of Reading with a BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying, he is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. He was also a lecturer at universities in Hong Kong and the UK, teaching subjects in construction field. Mr Yu is currently the General Manager (Community Relations) at Henderson Land Development Company Limited.

Vice Chairman

Mr Hui Chun Lung, MH

Mr Wong Man Hon, MH


Ms Chau Chuen Heung, SBS, MH, JP

Mr Cheung Tak Shing

Ms Ching Ngon Lai, Lily

Mr Ho Chun Fai

Mr Ho Siu Kei

Ms Lau Suk Han, Rita

Ms Lee Kwai Chun, MH

Mr Luo Cheng Huan

Mr Ng Man Kit

Mr Pang Wah Kan, MH

Mr Tu Sik Man, Simon

Ms Wong Chau Ping, Joyce

Mr Wong Hon Kuen

Ir Wong Ka Wo, Kelvin

Honorary Member

Mr Kwong Kwok-wai, MH

Mr Lam Wai-keung, Daniel, SBS, JP

Mr Ng Siu Yuen, Nelson

Hon Tang Ka Piu, Bill, BBS, JP

Mr Yung Chi Ming, BBS, MH


Mr Siu Chor Kee, Caecage, BBS, MH, JP, is the Chairman of Kowloon City CLP LCAC and has been a member of the Committee since 2001. Mr Siu is currently the Managing Director of the Ocean Empire Limited. Mr Siu holds a number of public service positions, such as Member of the Hong Kong SAR Fight Crime Committee, Member of District Fire Safety Committee (Kowloon City District), Chairman Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Second Vice President of Hong Kong Justice of the Peace Association, Chairman of Action Green Committee, Honorary Advisor of Committee on Community Support for Rehabilitated Offenders, Vice Chairman of Chiu Yang Residents' Association of Hong Kong, Permanent Honorary President of the Hong Kong Kowloon City Industry and Commerce Association.  He was also Ex Officio member of the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee of the Home Affairs Bureau, Chairman of Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme Advisory Committee of the Home Affairs Department, Chairman of District Fight Crime Committee (Kowloon City District), and the Chairman of Yan Oi Tong and an appointed member of the Tuen Mun District Council.


Vice Chairman

Mr Chai Kwong Wah, Peter, MH 

Mr Ng Hoi Shan, Aaron, MH


Ir Ho Chi Shing

Mr Ho Hin Ming, BBS, MH 

Sr Kam Siu Lam, Angel

Mr Kwan Ho Yeung, Roger

Mr Spencer Kwan

Ir Sr Lee Man Kwong, Jonathan

Mr Lio Weng Tong

Ms Man Sze Wing, Jessica, MH

Mr Tang Kwok Wah

Ms Diana Wong, MH

Hon Yang Wing Kit

Mr Yue Chee Wing, Admond

Honorary Member

Mr Mak Hon Kai, BH, MH 

Ms Siu Yuen Sheung, BBS, JP  

Ms Tsui Hung Ying, MH



Ms Tam Wai Chun, BBS, MH, is the Chairman of Kwai Tsing CLP LCAC and has joined the Committee since 2011. Ms Tam is also the Chairman of the Union of Women (Cheung On) and member of Tsing Yi North East Area Committee.

Vice Chairman

Ms Lam Chui Ling, Nancy, MH, JP

Mr Li Wing Kuen, Simon


Mr Chan Chi Wing, MH

Ms Chan Oi Yi, Miranda 

Mr Cheung Yam Lung

Mr Chow Kim Ho 

Ms Kwok Fu Yung, MH

Mr Lam Chi Wah, Gary

Ms Lau Chi Wan, Vanessa

Mr Lau Hing Wah, James, BBS, MH, JP

Ms Lau Mei Lo

Mr Ngai Kwan Lam

Ms Zhang Yingsi, Tiffany

Honorary Member

Mr Lee Chi Keung, Alan, MH

Ms Poon Siu Ping, Nancy, MH 

Mr Tang Kwok Kong, BBS, MH, JP


Mr. Yip Hing Kwok, Wilson, BBS, MH, JP,  is the Chairman of Kwun Tong CLP LCAC and has been a member of the Committee since 2001. Mr. Yip is a Member of the Property Management Services Authority. He also holds a number of public service positions, such as Chairman of the Amoy Gardens Owners Committee, Chairman of Kwun Tong West Area Committee, Captain of Kwun Tong To Tai Care Team, Chairman of 1070th East Kowloon Group of the Scout Association of Hong Kong, Chairman of the Hong Kong Obscene Articles Tribunal Adjudicators, Member of the Municipal Solid Waste Charging Support Group and Member of Good Wise Hong Kong Steering Committee.

Vice Chairman

Mr Lai Wing Chun, MH

Mr Lui Tung Hai, MH


Mr Chan Wah Yu, Nelson, MH, JP

Mr Chan Yiu Hung, Jimmy, MH

Mr Terence Cham

Mr Cheung Yiu Pan

Mr Choi Chi Leung, Dickson

Mr Chong Yue Kwan, Jerry

Mr Kan Ming Tung

Mr Lai Shu Ho, BBS, MH, JP

Mr Lam Kin Yau, Ken

Ms Elaine Ng

Hon Ngan Man Yu, Frankie

Mr Raphael Poon

Mr So Koon Chung, Kevin

Honorary Member

Ms Leung Fu Wing, BBS, MH


Mr Lee Koon Hung, MH, is the Chairman of North CLP LCAC and has been a member of committee since 2013. Mr Lee is the Chairman of Sha Tau Kok Rural Committee and the Indigenous Inhabitant Representative of Sha Tau Kok Wu Kau Tang. He is member of North District Council as well as an Ex Officio Executive Councillor of Heung Yee Kuk New Territories. 

Vice Chairman

Mr Fong Yick Jin, Eugene

Mr Yip Yik Shing, Alex, MH


Hon Chan Yuet Ming

Hon Chu Kwok Keung

Mr Hau Chi Keung

Ir Dr Ho Kwok Kei

Mr Lai Sum

Mr Li Kwong Ming

Mr Liu Yu Hin, Henry, MH

Mr Pang Chun Sing, George, MH

Mr Lakhvinder SINGH

Mr Wan Wo Fai, MH

Mr Yiu Ming, MH

Honorary Member

Mr Lau Tin Sang, BBS

Mr Li Kwok Fung

Mr So Sai Chi, SBS, MH

Mr Yip Yiu Shing, MH


Mr Lau Wai Cheung, Peter, MH, is the Chairman of Sai Kung CLP LCAC and has been a member of the Committee since 2005. Mr Lau is the Adviser of Hang Hau Rural Committee, Permanent Adviser of Heung Yee Kuk New Territories and Vice-chairman of Sai Kung Area Committee. Mr Lau holds a number of public service positions, such as Consultant of Honorary Presidents' Association of Fire Safety Ambassador, Vice Chairman of Sai Kung District Sports Association and Member of Incorporated Management Committee of Cheng Chek Chee Secondary School.

Vice Chairman

Mr Chan Kuen Kwan, MH

Mr Yau Siu Hung, Kelvin, MH


Mr Chan Chi Ho, Victor

Mr Chan Sai Hung, Patrick

Mr Chau Yin Ming, Francis, BBS, MH

Mr Cheung Sau Cheung, Bondi

Mr Cheung To-shing

Mr Lau Kai Hong

Mr Leung Chi Kong

Ms Leung Yin Ping

Mr Li Ka Leung, MH

Mr Ma Yee Sup

Mr Wan Yuet Cheung, BBS, MH, JP

Mr Yau Ho Lun

Ir Dr Yiu H.L.

Honorary Member

Mr Hiew Chin, BBS, MH

Mr Lam Kin Lai, JP

Mr Li Yiu Ban, BBS, MH, JP


Dr Chan Wai Kai, Benjamin, MH, is the Chairman of Shatin CLP LCAC and has been a member of the committee since 2017. Dr Chan is the Chief Principal of Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School. He is currently the Member of the University Grant Committee and Quality Assurance Board, Board Chairman of the Hong Kong Schools Dance Association, Chairman of the Sha Tin Arts & Culture Promotion Committee, Vice Chairman of the New Territories School Heads Association, Founding Member of the Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council, Fellow Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors.

Vice Chairman

Mr Deng Kai Rong, BBS, MH, JP

Mr Leung Chun Pong, Maverick


Ms Chan Man Kuen, MH

Ms Chan Po Yin

Mr Cheung Chi Yin

Mr Chua Kwok Cheung

Mr Chung Siu Ming

Mr Kan Yu Him, Ronald

Ms Lam Yuk Wah

Prof Li Wai Chi, Ada

Ms Tung Kin Lei

Mr Yau Wah On, Patwood

Mr Yau Yik Chung, Henry

Mr Yeung Kim Ching

Honorary Member

Mr Chan Kwok Tim, BBS, MH

Mrs Chan Lo Yin Bing, MH

Mr Chan Yip Man, Norman

Mr Cheng Chun Wai

Mr Cheung Ching To

Mr Ho Sau Mo, MH

Mr Lee Che Kee, MH

Mr Leung Chi Kin, MH

Mr Tsoi Chiu Hee, Wilson

Ms Yeung Sin Hung, MH


Dr Wong Chung Leung, JP, is the Chairman of CLP Sham Shui Po LCAC and has been a member of the Committee since 2011. Dr Wong is the Principal of Heung To Middle School, Chairman of Sham Shui Po School Liaison Committee, Former Chairman of Kowloon Region School Heads Association. He held a number of public service positions, such as Election Committee Member of The Fourth Sector, Member of Commission on Youth and Chairman of Committee on Personal, Social & Humanities Education, Curriculum Development Council of Education Bureau.

Vice Chairman

Mr Chan Keng Chau, BBS, MH, JP

Ms Kwok Mei Wa, Mimi


Ms Chan Kit Yee, Joyce 

Mr Chan Wai Ming, BBS, MH, JP

Hon Chan Wing Yan, Joephy

Mr Cheung Ching Yeung, Teddy

Mr Choy Sai Hung

Mr Lam Ka Fai, BBS, JP

Ms Lam Suk Fong, Jennifer

Mr Leung Kui Hoi, MH

Mr Leung Ping Kin, Jeff

Mr Lo Chi Kwong, Gary

Ms Ma Yeuk Nung, Cecily

Mr Wan Kwok Hung, Joseph, MH

Mr Yeung Kwong Yuen, Edward 

Honorary Member

Mr Wong Kuen Wai, William, BBS, MH 


Mr Chan Siu Kuen, MH, JP, is the Chairman of Tai Po CLP LCAC. Mr Chan is also the member of Tai Po District Council, the First Vice Chairman of Tai Po Rural Committee, Committee Member of Heung Yee Kuk New Territories and Indigenous Inhabitant Representative of Wong Yi Au Village.

Vice Chairman

Mr Choi Kam Kong, MH

Mr Cheung Kwok Wai, William


Mr Chan Cho Leung, MH, JP

Mr Cheng Lun Kwong

Mr Cheung Yuk Man, Lucas

Ir Chung Kwok Fai, Edwin

Mr Fan Hoi Kit, MH

Mr Ho Tai Wai, David, MH

Mr Lam B

Mr Lo Hiu Fung, MH

Mr Lok Kwei Sang

Mr Mak Shing Ho

Mr Seto Kin Chung, Dick

Ms Wong Yan Yan, Jannie

Mr Wu Cheuk Him

Mr Yu Chi Wing, MH

Honorary Member

Mr Chu King Yuen, SBS, MH, JP

Mr Chung Yick Ming

Mr Li Kwok Ying, Kevin, BBS, MH, JP

Mr Man Chen Fai, BBS, MH

Mr Wan Koon Sun, MH


Mr Chan Sung Ip, BBS, MH, is the Chairman of Tsuen Wan CLP LCAC, Chairman of Ma Wan Rural Committee, Ex officio member and Chairman of Traffic and Transport Committee of Tsuen Wan District Council, Member of Ma Wan Park Advisory Committee and Member of Ma Wan Care Teams (Tsuen Wan).

Vice Chairman

Mr Lo Siu Kit, Peter, MH

Mr Koo Yeung Pong, MH


Mr Chan Shing Chi

Ms Chan Shun Shun 

Mr Chow Chun Ling, Kenny

Ms Choy Lan See, Nerissa 

Mr Lam Faat Kang, MH

Mr Lee Chi Fung, Adam

Ms Tang Pui Shan 

Mr Wong Ka Wa

Ms Wong Shuk Fan, Luparker

Mr Wong Wai Kit, MH

Honorary Member

The Hon Chan Han Pan, Ben, BBS, JP

Mr Chan Wai Ming, David, MH, JP 

Ms Lee Kit Ming, MH

Mr Leung Wing Yu, MH

Mr Moses Lee


Mr Chow Kam Cheung, Simon, BBS, MH, is currently the Chairman of Tuen Mun CLP LCAC, and he has been a member of the Committee since 2005. Mr Chow holds a number of public services positions, such as President of Hong Kong Gold Coast, Honorary Advisor of Association of The Tuen Mun District, Executive Member of Shap Pat Heung Rural Committee and Member of Shap Pat Heung East Care Teams (Yuen Long).

Vice Chairman

Mr Lai Tsz Man, MH

Ms Lee Ying, Robena


Mr Chan Sau Lun

Ms Cheng Siu Mei

Mr Cheung Kin Sun

Ms Ip Shun Hing, BBS, MH, JP

Mr Kam Man Fung

Mr Lai Po Wing, Danny

Mr Lam Chun-chuen, Moti

Mr Lau San Chak, Owen

Mr Lei Siu Wing

Mr Mak Lui Lok

Mr Mo Shing Fung

Dr Siu Pui Yee, Chloe

Mr Tse Tung Hoi

Mr Yu Tai Wai, MH

Honorary Member

Mr Chan Wu Ching, MH

Mr Chan Yuen Wah, Alexander, BBS, JP

Mr Mak Kam Wah

Mr So Shiu Shing, MH


Mr Ma Chak Wa, Stephen, MH, CStJ, CPM is currently the Chairman of Wong Tai Sin CLP LCAC, and has been a member of the Committee since 2017. Mr Ma has been the Chairman of Sik Sik Yuen since 2018, and he is currently the Vice-chairman of Sik Sik Yuen. He holds a number of public service positions, including Adviser of Rescue Service of Pok Oi Hospital, Member of Hospital Authority Kowloon Regional Advisory Committee, Member of Our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital Governing Committee, Director of Administration, The Hong Kong Life Saving Society, Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited - Member of Wong Tai Sin District Health Centre Consultant Group, Member of Steering Committee on Review of Manpower for Healthcare Services in Residential Care Homes, Board Member, Wong Tai Sin District Healthy and Safety City, and Chairman of Elderly Service Development Advisory Panel, Hong Kong Red Cross.

Vice Chairman

Ms Lui Kai Lin, Wendy, MH

Mr Yeung Nok Hin


Mr Chan Chun Fat, Raymond

Ms Cheung Chok Fong

Mr Ho Hon Man, MH, JP

Ms Lau Yuen Yee, Janus

Mr Li Tak Hong, BBS, MH, JP

Mr Jeff Mau

Mr Mok Chung Fai, Rex, BBS, MH, JP

Mr Mok Kin Wing, MH

Ms Kitty Ng

Mr Wong Eric

Mr Yeung Chi Hung, MH

Ms Yeung Oi Chun, Gigi

Ms Yip Kwok Pui, Bonnie

Mr Yu Wai Chun

Mr Yuet Ngai Keung


Mr Leung Wah Shing, BBS, JP is currently the Chairman of CLP Yau Tsim Mong LCAC, the Chairman of Board of Directors of the Mong Kok Kai Fong Association, and the Chairman of the Mong Kok Kai Fong Association Chan Hing Social Service Center Management Committee, Chairman of the Mong Kok District Cultural Recreational and Sports Association, Chairman of the Management Committee of Lim Por Yen Centre, Mongkok District Cultural Recreational and Sports Association, Vice President of the Hong Kong Scouts Mongkok District, Group President of the 4th & 136th group of Hong Kong Scout Group Council, Chairman of the Honorary Presidents Association of Yau Tsim Mong Fire Safety Ambassadors Management Committee, Member of the Yau Tsim Mong District Fight Crime Committee, Vice Chairman of the Unified Association of Kowloon West, and Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Federation of Hong Kong Zhongshan Community Organization Limited.

He received the Chief Executive's Community Service Certificate in 2007, was appointed a Justice of the Peace by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in 2011, and was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star in 2018.

Vice Chairman

Ir Tang Ming Sum, Michelle


Mr Chan Chung Yee, Alan

Mr Chan Ming Shing, Kenny

Ms Cheung Yee May, Mimi, JP

Mr Chung Chak Fai

Mr Ip Ngo Tung, Chris, BBS, JP

Mr Lau Wing Kwai, Nixon

Ms Sin Wai Sze, Roxanna

Ms So Mei Tong, May

Ms Wong Shu Ming, MH, JP

Ir Yee Kwong Fai

Mr Yip Koon Shing, Desmond

Ms Zheng Zhen, MH

Honorary Member

Mr So Chung Ping, MH


Mr Tai Yiu Wah, Robert, BBS, MH, JP, is the Chairman of Yuen Long CLP LCAC and has been a member of the Committee since 2009. Mr Tai is currently a number of public services positions, such as Executive Member of Hong Kong Association of Youth Development Limited, Vice Chairman of Yuen Long Merchants Association, President of Hong Kong Love and Care Charity Foundation Limited, School Supervisor of Yuen Long Merchants Association Primary School and School Manager of Yuen Long Merchant Association Secondary School.

Vice Chairman

Mr Siu Long Ming, MH

Mr Leung Ming Kin


Mr Chan Kin Yip, BBS, MH

Mr Cheung Wai Sum

Mr Chong Kin Shing, MH, JP

Mr Fong Chi Shing, Eric

Ms Lai Yuen Shan

Mr Lam Chung Yin, Angus

Mr Tang Chung Wai

Mr Tang Hing Ip, BBS

Mr Tang Ka Ho

Mr Tang Ka Leung, MH

Mr Wong Wing Ho, Allan

Mr Yiu Kwok Wai, MH

Honorary Member

Mr Cheung Muk Lam, MH

Mr Fong Man Lee

Mr Leung Che Cheung, SBS, MH, JP

Mr Leung Fuk Yuen

Mr Man Luk Sing, MH

Mr Sung Wai Ching, MH

Ms Yau Tai Tai, BBS, MH

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