Smart Energy Online

Use data-driven analyses to optimise your business operations and energy efficiency.

About this service

Smart Energy Online is an online platform that enables you to: 

  • Check your energy consumption;
  • Download your load profile data; and
  • Optimise your operations through consumption forecasts. 

The platform supports up to half-hour load profile data. In a year, it uses 365x48 data points to conduct energy analysis. Learn more about its key functions below:

Key functions

Data Download & Monitoring

The platform support:

  • Clear and concise graphs displaying your business’s monthly/daily/half-hourly energy consumption and peak demand data; and
  • Hassle-free downloads of load profile data for up to 10 accounts/meters.

Carbon Footprint Calculation

Carbon Footprint Calculation: 

  • Support for the quantification of carbon emissions related to energy consumption and comparisons of year-to-year assessments; and
  • Useful for sustainability reports and carbon reduction target reviews.

Energy Analysis

The platform support: 

  • Access to temperature and energy consumption data; and
  • Help your business analyse its operational models better energy management opportunities.


Use consumption forecasts to: 

  • Comparison of energy consumption patterns across different accounts over the same period or across different periods for the same account to evaluate the efficacy of your business’s energy-saving practices.

Proactive Energy Management

  • Email alerts to your designated staff in the event that your business’s energy consumption or demands exceed pre-set limits to enable timely adjustments.

You may refer to our Leaflet (PDF) for more details.


To apply for this service: 

  • You are our business customer; and 
  • Your electricity account must be connected to a smart meter and remote meter reading system. 


Smart Energy Online can help you to:

  • Access your accurate load profile simply and conveniently;
  • Monitor your energy consumption and demand; 
  • Reduce operating costs; and
  • Support a greener future. 

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More information

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