Application process

Understand the application process and documents required for the Feed-in Tariff Scheme.

How to apply

This online application form takes about 10 minutes to complete. Before you begin, please prepare a copy of your: 

Please click here to check the documents that you are required to submit during online application.

  • We can only process your application after we receive all of the required documents. If you do not have your RE system’s documents on hand, please approach your contractor or engineering contact. 
  • The application process will terminate automatically if it is not completed within the applicable validity period as defined in Section 5.5 of the FiT Scheme Terms and Conditions.
  • You can click here to track your application progress.

What happens next


Once you submit FiT application with all of the required documents, we will send you an email to confirm that we have started processing your application. 

We will send you an Acknowledgement Letter once we confirm that you are eligible. This letter confirms your provisional FiT rate and generation capacity

Technical assessment

To ensure that your RE system and electrical installations comply with the technical guidelines, we will ask you to submit: 

  • Operation Procedure for RE system (DOCX)
  • Major equipment catalogues (e.g. PV panel, inverter)
  • Payment receipt of Generating Facility Registration issued by EMSD if RE system is required to registered under Cap. 406 of the Laws of Hong Kong ​

Once we have fully reviewed your submitted documents, we will inform you of the review result. 

  • Please do not install your RE system until you receive your review result.
  • Please submit the Operation Procedure within 2 months of our request.

Test and installation

Once you install your RE system, you must submit:

  • You should employ and arrange a qualified registered electrical contractor (REC) to conduct the required tests.
  • Please submit the Testing and Commissioning Report within 3 months of our request.

Grid connection

If we accept your Testing and Commissioning Report, we will: 

  • Witness onsite tests of your RE system;
  • Install a smart meter for your RE system if all required tests have been completed and we agree for the RE system to be connected to our grid. 

Your REC should be present for the onsite tests and smart meter installation. Once your RE system is successfully connected to our grid, we will send you a Completion Letter. The letter confirms your RE system’s FiT rate and commencement date.


You can log in to the CLP website or CLP Power Mobile App to check your RE system’s generation data after completion of communication network and smart meter installation.

Feed-in Tariff payments

You will receive FiT payments throughout the project life of your RE system or until 2033, whichever is earlier. You can check your monthly FiT payments through your Feed-in Tariff bill

By default, FiT payments will be used to offset your electricity bill. If you have additional credits, you can: 

  • Use them to pay for your next bill; or
  • Collect them from your electricity account (Once your additional credits reach HK$150 or more, you can request for payment via cheque. We will make the cheque payable to the electricity account holder).
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